The Best Deals from Apple to Walmart on Black Friday


Shoppers at Sam's Club can expect a free breakfast, which includes an egg sandwich, yogurt and more, from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m., while supplies last. The store with more than 47 million members will offer a half-carat diamond stud for $299, a Sony Blu-ray player for $94.88, and the Samsung Fascinate Smart Phone for 98 cents.

Online shopping marketplace Etsy will allow consumers to find the best Black Friday deals by searching its site with the term "Black Friday Etsy."

The deals will "vary by shop and are determined by the shop owners. They may include free shipping, buy one get one, etc. All details will be clearly stated in the item descriptions," said spokesman Adam Brown.

Over at Best Buy, the company is being tight-lipped on the exact items it will offer.

For customers interested in door busters at electronics retailers, "anything listed as a store buster -- those are going to be in very high demand -- and if you're looking to get one of those, you want to go early," said Sy Paulson, customer solutions manager at Best Buy, based in New York City. "Those products will have tickets that are distributed before the Black Friday door open. The store will distribute tickets for door buster items that include an expiration time. We obviously wanted as good as any other day for customer service. The last thing we want is a mad rush."

He said the electronics retailer will offer deals in all product categories.

"I think the e-reader category will be the new fresh addition to this assortment of great deals," said Paulson. "I think that's one of the newer categories of what customers are looking for at 5 a.m. in the morning."

Lori Davenport and a group of friends have lined up outside of Best Buy in St. Petersburg for Black Friday since Wednesday. Davenport, who holds the line during the daytime, is participating in the biggest buying day of the year for sentimental reasons.

It's the mom's seventh year outside the brick and mortar store, and the family lady says it's more about tradition than spending money. In 2004, Davenport and a friend stood in line for the first time after their teenage daughters coaxed them into the bonding experience for new mp3 players. This was in 2004, and the mothers couldn't say no to their girls who only wanted the music playing devices for Christmas. Since that day, the girls have grown up, with one now a mother and living on her own and the other serving in the military based in Japan.

"We do it as a tribute to our daughters. To just have the fun, and the socialization of it, says Davenport. The ladies, who have a cooler, a table, chairs, a laptop, a cell phone and other devices to keep them entertained during the wait have never been in the front of line. The group –which has grown to 10-- oft-times found themselves behind the same man who would allow many people to join the line with him causing them to lose their place in line. This year they set out to be the first.

Davenport, who recently became a grandmother, will look for television to gift to her daughter from her and other members of the family. Since Best Buy has yet to release the circulars, Davenport hasn't planned her shopping list but the family is considering Blue Ray Dvds or a computer if the price is right.

Finding Out About Black Friday Deals

Retailers tend to be mum about Black Friday deals.

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