ABC News Exclusive: AFLAC CEO Dan Amos

6. The vote the shareholders cast is going to be non-binding. Does that mean that this is really just a symbolic gesture on your part? Oh, no. If the majority of shareholders said, if they gave a down vote to CEO compensation, I would go back to our shareholders --both the large individual shares and the institutions--and say, you know, what is it you don't like and have our compensation committee involved with all that and find out and then make change accordingly.

7. What was your total compensation in 2006?

It hasn't been released yet.

(note: In 2005 Amos earned $1.2 million in salary; $2.5 million in bonus, and $2.5 million in restricted stock.)

8. What do you say to those who say, OK, I admire what you're doing, but if you really want to put your money where your mouth is, how about making it a binding vote?

Well, they (the shareholders) can't manage the company. What they've got to do is give us their input. The management of the company has to be by the management, and the Board of Directors has to manage the management. Otherwise, why have the Board?

9. AFLAC has also been in the news for another reason. After being associated with one of the most memorable advertising campaigns of all time, you are switching course? I think a lot of people would like to know : is the duck history?

Oh, no! We put out a press release (Wednesday) entitled 'Long Live the Duck.' It was a mistake, a misquote, and nothing could be further from the truth... I've got my duck tie on right now. And that duck's going to be around for a long time because it's working, it's effective.

10. It's political season already. Is there an issue you most hope will come to the fore in this presidential campaign?

You know, 75 percent of our earnings come from Japan. We insure one out of four households there. And I spend so much time worrying about the politics in Japan, much more so than the politics in the United States.

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