Ad Track: Pepsi hopes Earnhardt drives laps around A-B

Q. Who are the artists and what are the songs for the "Journey" diamond ads? In one, a couple sits in a car at a traffic light when a man slips the necklace into the woman's hand. In the other, a man places the necklace on a woman's chest as she sleeps.

A. It seems as if the two ads by the Diamond Trading Co. were noticed this holiday season — if not for the dazzling diamond necklaces they were trying to sell, then at least for the music.

In the traffic light ad, Landon Pigg, 24, sings "I'm falling for you" as snow falls down. The song, a single released in November, is Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop. The necklace is apparently such a hit that couple doesn't notice that the traffic light turn green. An aerial shot shows taxis driving around their car.

In the other ad, a woman wakes up in the morning as her husband gently places the necklace on her chest. The song is How Can I Tell You? The track, originally by Cat Stevens, is performed in the commercial by Charlyn "Chan" Marshall, 35, also known as Cat Power.

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