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While a doc in an ad is not much help, putting information in a doctor's office builds brand awareness: 63% say they notice posters, brochures or videos there. Ads in magazines work, too: 75% of consumers say magazine ads are somewhat or very useful in conveying drug benefits and 76% in communicating risks.

One final stat: Half of consumers said they visit drugmakers' websites. So our advice is to ditch any ho-hum, jargon-filled areas that might scare off the patients.

Ads earn silver for screen owners

Those branded popcorn bags, pre-movie ads and sponsored soft-drink cups are big business for theater owners. Today, the Cinema Advertising Council will report that in-theater ad revenue of its members grew by 18.5% to $540 million in 2007. (CAC members account for more than 82% of U.S. movie screens.)

On-screen commercials accounted for 92% of cinema ad revenue. Among the fastest growth was in so-called off-screen advertising: Concession-area marketing revenue was up 48%, and the take from in-lobby product sampling promotions was up 374%.

The Ad Team wonders why the in-lobby product samples are never food products. Ten bucks for a kiddie-size popcorn and soft drink is busting our bank.

By Laura Petrecca and Bruce Horovitz

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