Readers tell us why they stand by their American-made cars

We have considered buying a used Avalon instead of a new car when we need a replacement.

Josman RodriguezCincinnati Vehicle:Volkswagen Jetta

Whenever possible, I like to buy German cars, for the best performance, or Japanese cars, for lower maintenance costs.

I don't like to drive American cars because I am afraid that they will need to be fixed or repaired all the time. I perceive poor quality from the Big 3. Also, I don't drive a pickup or SUV because I am not a farmer. They really need them for their work. I am not married. Families may need bigger cars, although not really. And I like to save the environment using less gas. Besides being green, small cars are nicer on my wallet due to better gas consumption. If one day I ever need to buy a truck because of my job or other real reason, I would buy a Japanese one or wait for VW to introduce their smaller light trucks.

Compiled by Jayne O'Donnell, USA TODAY

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