'Twilight' Fans Tourist Bonanza for Forks, Wash.

A "Twilight" information sign was slapped on the Forks Visitor Center; a "Twilight" tourist map was distributed, pointing the way to sites that seemed to match places described in the books.

Some of these, like the school and City Hall, were obvious. Others, such as individual homes or a restaurant/resort now located at the imaginary "Treaty Line" between vampires and Quileute Reservation wolf-people, less so. But a casual local consensus was reached, and an industry born.

Since "Twilight" set on Forks, the town's annual hotel-motel tax receipts have leapt by 75 percent; its sales-tax receipts ballooning at almost the same rate. The "Twilight" theme is everywhere; you can't eat a pie at Pacific Pizza without being tempted by "Bella-sagna." A Bella Bundle of firewood goes for 50 cents more than a regular one out on Quillayute Road. The Pacific Inn Motel even offers "Twilight"-themed rooms, with goth-inspired, blood-red-and-black d├ęcor, adorned by life-size, framed images of the movie stars.

With reporting by the Associated Press.

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