All Access Interview with GM's CEO Mary Barra to Lions Gate's Next Big Hit 'Divergent'

Rebecca Jarvis has the inside scoop on what's trending this year on Real Biz 1.14.2014
3:00 | 01/14/14

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Transcript for All Access Interview with GM's CEO Mary Barra to Lions Gate's Next Big Hit 'Divergent'
Welcome to real -- I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City here's what's happening right now the Detroit auto show. I hit the road for an exclusive all access interview with GM's new CEO Mary -- she's the first woman ever. To -- -- auto company we talked about the future of cars her family even. Her favorite movies with cars -- them. And what she won't listen to you on the radio then -- got a celebrity chef in the house Todd English is here and we're going to be talking wind. And his favorite restaurant to -- -- other than his -- Plus -- -- have a box office hit on its hands that could be bigger than the Hunger Games and Twitter stick around and find out. But first my exclusive all access interview with Mary -- we jumped in a Cadillac CTS went behind the scenes at the Detroit auto show -- got a glimpse into Mary's whole new world. As the most powerful woman. In the card game. When you were originally. Told you're going to be the CEO of General Motors was there conversation with the family. Has an I affidavit for the announced there are having dinner just sitting -- -- -- the dinner table and you know shared with the kids that I had been selected for this role and and they were very excited -- we just. There are things that you know this will gain some attention not nearly what -- what has happened in the first. -- -- -- I'm honored and humbled to lead generators. So how people think of the auto industry is sort of a good old boys network. And you know my 33 career has been anything -- Let's say you're driving along it's a nice warm summer night in Detroit. What do you have on the radio what's playing what's the music. Mike Kinney I I listened to all different music frowned and from the 70s90s. And today do you sing along. -- too often. I don't have the best choice is favorite car of all time. Any version of the Camaro ugly -- higher level I can't just answer me this was there ever hearty my goodness this is it. Almost every vehicle -- someone's. You know huge -- portion of their work so I don't see any benefit for calling one else. Favorite movie cars in let me just immediately comes ideas and related skin youthful -- -- he's -- we have coming at a summit it. -- -- -- -- -- a clear and present danger and you even if you look at transformers -- what would you say is your biggest accomplishment. From a personal perspective I'm very proud that I have a strong marriage and wonderful children. And aid extended family and friends that are you know great people that make my life really rich. You know from a professional perspective. I'm really proud to have been a part of General Motors and the turnaround right now what's the best piece of advice. -- haven't been as bad team you know my monetary damages in the advice and hard work and there's no substitute -- No substitute for our thanks to Mary -- and General Motors and best wishes to her in the new role now. We turned US celebrity chef Todd English he's here in the house with the taste of food and wine from Mohegan sun's annual wine -- And -- Love to see you here thank you first of all they -- you for bringing some delicious treat it was great to be here it's the perfect way to start a morning like -- -- this food so what do you have. What we have -- -- -- my restaurant in and Mohegan Sun is Italian and that Italian and who doesn't advertise -- the news but -- producer could replace here. With more to -- homemade salami some -- -- codes that are. And then we have this. Buffalo milk mozzarella so which are eligible for in the whole -- that we're doing for our little segment there's. -- about the buffalo so. All of the capital L about the book so is there actual level is it just not a bottle and hot to -- you begin to be roasting Buffalo's -- -- -- -- shots before it's become very popular causes low fat content and and actually -- buffalo forms now in Connecticut so we're gonna lose you know the local news local you know eat -- the whole thing that's going on. And I would -- a lot of there and it's it's becoming really quite -- this -- catch -- people actually really like -- so I'm very excited about that. -- who won -- who is is really fun yeah Mohegan Sun. Just goes all out. In undiagnosed illness and -- And you -- winds here today also by the way you did there are reports yes I'm -- -- -- and if you -- wind right here's your report thank you up pushing your way right I tell you sneaking abided by the -- -- while -- -- gonna say about the people's yes these -- bison meat balls don't really so there you go they're the other. The -- -- so though the wind hearings how do you what's the secret to -- a wine with the food. What you know obviously food and -- -- the perfect marriage and -- are trying to do with what what great goes with what the food is you know so this is this is on these are two of my favorites are so there's there's super Tuscan structure. Our winds that are. Made with. I think Merlo cabernet and in the local group which is used in county subdivision and -- -- the most. Most well known anti -- It goes with this it's light it's true it's fruity mr. nice facets of really. Picks up all these players here was looking for components in the wind that have are also components in the -- -- that's kind of the general rule that without trying to get too -- about it. You know -- -- you're always better off going to. With the wind from that region. So all of the region are idiots up yes you know you're reading from a certain region just takeaway from that region always is pretty much -- ruled words when -- walked into the wine shop OK you're not -- English if you're taught English and you have somebody else walked into the -- or you are. It's just go to my restaurant -- -- that sentiment for the people who do walking -- and are looking for the best advice is what would think that should come out of your mouth when you're trying to explain what you want. Well you know I think you more drinkable. You know I think you know and I you know you don't have to spend. You know 300 dollars and a bottle you can do something in the twenties or thirties so there's really delicious really wonderful and is drinkable and I mean -- It doesn't need to be from the the eighteenth century just needs to be from you know the last three or four years there is there Kobe especially with whites drink and a lot younger. And again tried if you think about what you which -- eating appeared having steak. You know you're gonna want to have something that's a little bigger and forward cavernous where those -- -- so. It's not just a little bit of knowledge on the grapes and then just tell what you're eating you know feel there's a good wind so -- -- -- the -- -- -- right direction. I also have been hearing about a global wine short -- of that happening. I don't know as well because you're arguing yeah. I want incident lined up early today that you're -- -- you can expect I had that. He has to do they -- -- You know its interest in I think wind now is you know that this is more popular than ever mean actually. You know if you go to Europe and -- Americans is the curriculum award the regular I think it's really catching on here is well. With -- -- -- -- on notice that night in and also which are seen is more global wines that are appearing that we never -- before you know like. Example warrants from Turkey. Right ample once in China how the -- from check in China actually very delicious you know actually I haven't had a lot from John it is just it's sort of a very young industry there but. I stated that Turkey go there in the summer time monitoring their local -- Delicious and its Mediterranean climate it's like Greece she notes is seen. Idea the local grapes which I don't even know most of them but I just say give -- the Turkish wind is that what's good and it's always delicious and goes with the food so -- -- I wanted to stop you there because I I am Nickerson your take on the food industry in general right now -- Come here by the way standards well I'll ousted during his beautiful quiet but the -- passable only accept anything that isn't even more curious like drugs -- drinking that's why they. Why he could try to -- but we will we definitely will take. In terms of food industry right now you know why he's gotten so hot but so is food and I I feel like everybody no matter where you go in the country now -- -- -- -- -- -- think -- you know. It's it's. I think. Because food is now -- I think people this revolution with -- -- with. You celebrity chefs lately it when you -- -- -- this knowledge people want to known at end. You know it it's it's it's -- if you think about in this country's relatively young -- the last thirty years of really. You know as opposed to Europe which is -- years old yet here you know. There's great food great local food grape growers and in the industry is changes are seasonal is not the people really started catch on -- and -- -- would have -- You know what is what is going on here. And so buffalo roughly one of the things he could go anywhere I mean I was in. You know I was in where was chosen -- in Detroit. A few weeks ago and and they and the idea that there's his local forms I was in Pittsburgh this is all these local local food. All over the country -- Delicious. -- seasonal growers are -- cheese makers are seasonal -- -- you know bakers all sorts of great food and you know that that movement is because people are demanding -- and -- we as chefs -- okay this is what we have to do to. To to change -- industry and it's something that I've been to them in this Anderson thirty plus years. And it was you know one of Michaels who has -- say okay what's going on why we eating out of cans when we should be eating fresh local what's in season. You know what's organic. And and to be able to find it for a relatively inexpensive and valuable piece of food when it comes to those winds. What are your three top picks for cheap black set up a -- but you know inexpensive. You know without naming any -- and you can always. Look -- look to California in you know there's there's just great to one's -- often. Unity go through local oysters and here in New York. They have cases -- point out front that are on sale. That there are held for the black -- you know look for a -- that is. Has you know -- it is from -- up California that's a -- that you like if you're familiar with it. I go to Bordeaux a lot I go to we're. -- they make a lot of third -- fourth groups that are. From very well known. States but aren't there at third with gross was delicious -- very drinkable have great -- Really -- and delicious. As well as you know I looked to so and also to South America which -- brings in. Very delicious wines -- that -- affordable prices. Todd English we love that you're here with us that if -- for the for the Brazilian in the wind I guarantee you will be enjoyed -- not -- -- -- never going knew it river that its dividend but. -- -- -- -- -- -- All right and it's no secret that Lionsgate and summit entertainment have turned the bestselling books and the most successful Saugus on the big screen twilight pattern -- -- a lot of people and it grossed over 3.3 billion dollars in ticket sales. Then Hunger Games already over one and half billion dollars worldwide and they still have two more movies to go. But now what -- Lionsgate have up its -- this year the best selling book trilogy coming to theaters in March could trump Hunger Games. It's called and -- it. Steve court has found that Steve Steve -- is founder of bare -- TJ Avant. See you've been all over this story you were actually the first one to point that -- tell us here at real bands. Have even reading these divergent books. Rebecca yes I have -- I have to say I can't really take credit the credit goes to my daughters. You this is the biggest book series that you probably don't know about at least if you don't have contact. With high school in sort of junior high kids particularly girls. Among -- -- -- you I mean clearly you have a lot of contact with them. It. Yes -- doing so my girls are actually in love with his book all of their friends are these books -- a cult like following. Among the kind of high school in junior high set and as he's -- particular girl -- a lot in common with Hunger Games because that's also -- a Hunger Games Hunger Games has been and by the way it's appropriate that we're gonna talk movies here we just talked dinner and I -- and is now we're -- -- -- -- -- for a lot of folks that's a night out on the town so now we cover the -- part let's -- movies and I think soon. A lot of folks out there watching are going to be seen divergent even if they haven't heard of it already. The book series in some ways is already out tracking Hunger Games Hunger Games as a book series is now the most successful series of all time lead just past Harry Potter to take that status divergent at this stage and social media is what I think is most important. And most bullish for Lionsgate as a company and for the outlook for this movie. In social media physiology is a company that measures on line buys and right now within social media there is a greater buzz for the divergent movie which comes on in two months. Then there was for Hunger Games and his exact same stage so Hunger Games has been a massive hit the a lot of folks are our worry we'll come -- -- -- the good of you to follow up. I think in fact -- may have an even bigger blockbuster coming up with divergent. So that's how -- measuring and it's all about the social media buzz that it's getting on is it FaceBook and Twitter and where it's actually being talked about. That's exactly right and it's a -- and not just that I think book's sales are important here. I and as -- said the books -- it it might be on track bear even. To surpass Hunger Games on the very first day that the the third installment divergent allegiance. Was recent released and on the very first day of that that book sold almost. Half million copies which is an all time record for its publisher harpercollins. I'm so this book series by the way it's written by a 25. Year old woman Veronica Ross I think that's an incredible story she wrote the first one divergent while she was in college so she is in her mid twenties and she's already -- the more successful authors in the entire. World. So between the online buzz and the book sales I think you have the recipe here for a no other huge blockbuster. All right Steve Cortez when we hear divergent outsold everyone will come back and say thanks to you reporting an act -- -- -- -- you. RA take care and we want to thank you for joining us for real -- by the way. A little note here at -- is -- I'm very happy for Nicole Sawyer and Dan. He popped the question Dan I know you watch every week thanks so much until next time this is Rebecca Jarvis from New York take care.

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{"id":21527756,"title":"All Access Interview with GM's CEO Mary Barra to Lions Gate's Next Big Hit 'Divergent'","duration":"3:00","description":"Rebecca Jarvis has the inside scoop on what's trending this year on Real Biz 1.14.2014","url":"/Business/video/access-interview-gms-ceo-mary-barra-lions-gates-21527756","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}