Brooks Back From The Brink

Jim Weber, CEO of Brooks on how he is running the sneaker market from bankrupt to billions.
4:02 | 05/06/14

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Transcript for Brooks Back From The Brink
-- -- to the great outdoors at spring is finally here in new York and for runners like me that means we can finally get outside and hit the road and running outside. Well if you want to run like the wind you know it's all about the sneaks and certain Brooks running she is just a few years back they were floundering they were on the brink of bankruptcy. Running at the back of the pack well. What saved this 100 year old brand it was a strategy by the CEO focusing on just one thing. And one thing only your taken a look at it here to explain Jim Weber is the CEO Brooks Andy joins us this morning from Seattle -- it's so nice -- -- -- Good morning we're back and it's great great to be on your show I'm looking forward to. And you're just you're just at the Berkshire Hathaway meeting Brooks is a Berkshire Hathaway company and you did nice little run there. We did you know there's thirty 8000 people that gathered there and for the second -- -- We ran our invest in yourself five K we had 2300 runners out many shareholders it was a great run and a great -- in Omaha. How many how many pairs of -- -- -- were where were riding in that race at that. -- I hope more than last year you know we we haven't we there -- a great situation right now because not only is running growing but by focusing their the last thirteen years. Our -- -- -- races and we actually -- -- statistical -- -- -- races we usually find ourselves in the top one or two brands and runner's feet which is a wonderful thing. It's awesome yeah every time I'm at the -- I full disclosure I Wear Brooks spreading sneaks. And every time I'm at the gym I'm seeing more and more people in your shoes and it's very interesting because it's such a difference from those times before that we just told people about the bankruptcy the near bankruptcy. And the fact that this was not a company creating a desirable -- at one point but you made the ultimate payment towards running. You know the athletic footwear market is a big market and it in includes not just basketball and fitness and tennis -- like. It includes a lot of Hanley -- where -- so by focusing on. Run ability mile after mile our Susan frankly gotten better every year. And runner's heart Smart you know I think at mile twenty they know so we've been very fortunate they're responding to better product. There is so much science behind the Brooks product tell us about all the R&D that goes into your sneakers. You know we've been investing in combined mechanics for years. We do clinical research at universities from the University of Cologne. To the -- University of Massachusetts at Amherst and we bring all that -- product every -- different. You know we found that. People have a natural Mitchell joint motion. And by dialing and product for -- needs you know they're gonna stay healthy and run faster farther hopefully further mile and mile out. There -- well I guess Brooks sneakers were the number Q what pair of -- brand of sneakers at the Boston Marathon. Yet your company that's not doing I mean you're not having big celebrity endorsements you're not doing big marketing campaigns. How have you been able to get the -- name out there. You know we've really only invested -- where runners are so -- retail for their learning more about choosing trying to find the right issue for them. Obviously at events where grassroots company we probably touch over 500 events a year. And -- here's the key is that more and more people are running. And they're running races last year -- tires alone were up 11%. To. Over 540000. Runners in and -- Over almost two million people run a half marathon so. You know by being president all these races people are always looking for the Wright issue maybe a better Shu an and the word of mouth is is not to be discounted so. We've really built our brand within the running community. An and that's always been powerful -- enthusiast performance sporting goods it's it's sort of a -- a strategy great gear. You know by found by people in the now Jim Weber thanks so much we really appreciate Jim -- -- -- sneakers thank you.

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{"id":23607267,"title":"Brooks Back From The Brink","duration":"4:02","description":"Jim Weber, CEO of Brooks on how he is running the sneaker market from bankrupt to billions.","url":"/Business/video/brooks-back-brink-23607267","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}