Disabled Artists Lose Millions in Alleged Scam

Six people are accused of stealing from a Georgia organization that supports disabled artists.
1:30 | 05/28/13

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Transcript for Disabled Artists Lose Millions in Alleged Scam
Opinion is my -- dancing. That's part of my -- rule. To get Goudie DA Robert James says the -- load disable painters like Julianne meals -- he has been pierced by the despicable actions of former employees at the mile. Mouth and foot. Paid ignored his organization. And Chamblee. The artist paint beautiful art like this and they live off the donations but according to this indictment the employees in two other ex husband stole. One point 68 million dollars and tended for the painters and that's suspect Anna Anderson how people have -- -- Yeah. Prosecutors say workers Christina Kelly her daughter's Chianti Smith and tight leash -- a bond. Along with two want to Ross all cash stolen checks from. MF PA over a five year period. Police say Ross's former husband Rory Ross and Kelly's ex husband Glenn Kelly also participated in the theft. The indictment alleges they pay for trips -- Las Vegas in San Juan. And purchased Geico insurance paid for -- here at a pet hospital and made purchases at a quick weight loss center just. All the people manually if that's what -- -- they've been doing this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Investigators say -- donations for the paintings came man that defend -- deposited the money into a fraudulent NFPA bank account. And used it for their own pleasure this -- -- --

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{"id":19270678,"title":"Disabled Artists Lose Millions in Alleged Scam","duration":"1:30","description":"Six people are accused of stealing from a Georgia organization that supports disabled artists.","url":"/Business/video/disabled-artists-lose-millions-alleged-fundraising-scam-19270678","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}