3 Things You Didn't Know About Dr. Ruth

Dr. Ruth Westheimer talks about her journey from escaping the Holocaust, to training as a sniper to becoming the renowned sex therapist Dr. Ruth.
7:03 | 12/01/16

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Transcript for 3 Things You Didn't Know About Dr. Ruth
And I shall with a picture of my for lunch. I pointed them out he left. Nuts and I want. That if he kept. Making twenty you're born in Germany during the midst of the Holocaust lived in north Deutzman cement. You otherwise I wouldn't be and I don't understand it be front and back at. I was a fan aipac. And they can now on how cannot in 1948. Athleticism. So you can continue asking a question. I was badly wounded them both and expects an actual and potential. Then I won't end. Of ideas and sought boats that attack on its. And came to this prompt me to this debate between in 1956. On the visit. The visit testes and Alan Americans don't. And that. Maybe he beat up at what he got it would tracking coming doctor. I met with him time. I will eat with. This kind. Enough that crippled the score. So and new school for social. New York and presence. Into Kabul University teaches core spent each ankle and adopt. I snapped. A two X eighty. Oh I thought this is something. Two. Deploy eat eat the agents about sexual. Harassment for acceptance on them because school. Am. I haven't seen. Thanks. It's abuses which women that I think. You marry are speaking at taxpayer noble. So openly about issues of sexual and keep them that I listen up before. It cost me. An academic trying to be effects. Now meet me to the facts that happened subsequently nation. Was wonderful but the most important thing is my accent. Because when people open Angel funding and state knew it was me. So I think yes I think at this capital toward me to take speech it's. Speech and Donna how. I love the idea that the thing that could have made you weaker. That could have kept you from accomplishing what you have accomplished is actually one of the things that propelled you to accomplish such greatness its acts it's. I just woke up and walk you over 35 books now out. I think one broke now for children. And it's called colonial port of its about tactics. Attack if it stays in one case. It is felt that we can happen if cat as its hold on. I think it at home. On my way and to do electrical into since the age of sons are being twisted in the about terror and wants to Warren and you know. The point you have to take risk and you have to stick your neck out. You could get sent back without sticking out you don't move so it's cool that I also have. Looks on conflicts and since price of life. And one medium and that half Jewish children. Did not survive on cost I have an obligation. To do something to applaud this mount. I didn't know that pointless talking 61. I am happy that turned out this so when it comes to the person who's afraid to stick their neck out. To be the turtle that moves around mere. What's your advice. Atlantis lift it looked at risk. If you could hurt. 141. Google on. How do you get over and what do you recommend for people who. Are mourning for more than one day you know this exists of course people feel trapped they feel like they don't know how to move forward what do you recommend. I do they can't rule it sometimes. To go to see that it's put Ilyce things on the evening but you don't talk about with your friends. You don't talk about your family. You know lifting a famine he put those things on the tape and see. If they're baptists. Can shed some light Mai you. Are stuck. He can act relationship. In my India of content. Or in the why he was back. What else could you do what is the worst advice you received that if it wasn't good advice but the best thing. I can think golf is that I thought I shall want. I fell and I'm actually I would never get mad and I was married eight times. The last match with the matter it's almost four yes. So what should not and listen to those thoughts. Oh Michael it's what's going to become. Back to be that you are speaking. Out. Hopeful that. What's your best piece of advice to everyone out there to be their very self who'll take some time. Look at them. Don't go both feature itself your body won't you and I. For example. In my teens don't look at commitments and social act. Look at the men and say how fortunate each eighty about up talking to make. I love how do you how do you stay so active at age eighty what are you doing. Test test of on and unfortunate and and I am it's so good looking for. I want them. I say they believe me that if the goal and just got unfortunate. I laughed when mentally and I'm going for. And dog fan I had four. And a daughter and I don't know I have a son and another that didn't know. And therefore can't share them. And I shall with a picture of my four. The he. Knots and I want. And seek it.

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{"id":43902099,"title":"3 Things You Didn't Know About Dr. Ruth","duration":"7:03","description":"Dr. Ruth Westheimer talks about her journey from escaping the Holocaust, to training as a sniper to becoming the renowned sex therapist Dr. Ruth.","url":"/Business/video/dr-ruth-real-biz-rebecca-jarvis-43902099","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}