Top Job-Search Terms of 2012

Farnoosh Torabi reveals the list and patterns.
3:00 | 12/06/12

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Transcript for Top Job-Search Terms of 2012
Are you looking for a job then it might help to know what other job seekers are looking for here to reveal the most popular job search terms throughout 2012 is Farnoosh Torabi she is the host of financially fit -- our partner Yahoo!. Welcome back foreign news bush and I think -- thanks for coming and drug problem drum roll please why was sort of the number one jobs -- Tanya. Believe it or not it was work from home jobs I'm very surprised that that are yeah I -- I think. -- looking back at the work that we do at Yahoo! knew the videos that I do whenever I talk about -- plain and working from home lesson people learned how to. Make money sitting on their couch and this is -- geared to do it the Internet has really broke in the -- years to. Between you and a job opportunity and people whether they're renting out their home -- air BNB a -- rooms are renting out their cars through relay rides dot com they're going on. A site like he lands dot com -- task rabbit dot com and finding work they can do from their computers. These kinds of jobs we're talking about his work from home jobs they are safe they are legitimate that. Said now that's when that surprises me because I I remember you know getting those emails -- those pop -- -- earned 5000 dollars in a day from home. And it only seems a little shady to me a little scam -- well certainly there that's still access and I think that while people are searching for work from home jobs are also trying to -- 30. That the in a flood of opportunities to figure out which ones are really legitimate and and so we always say you want Amaechi check with the Better Business Bureau you wanna meet -- at the site. Actually looks. Professional legitimate call the number of teacher works. And do -- surged to a Yahoo! Search tight and you now the job description the job company and you know fraud or any kind of buzz -- to see anything pops up if there -- any complaints -- well. What about number two what was the number two so interesting this -- -- very specific search I have to say it was Kaiser Permanente jobs. Now. Just you know looking at that you're thinking they Kaiser Permanente huge employer in health care industry and health care was on the highest. Hires biggest -- -- in 2012 he had just since July today we had over a 100000 jobs addicts have a health care sector. As a mother is a lot of -- and certainty with reform and everything. I think that that the idea is that they're gonna be. A lot of unchanged in the health care -- -- and a lot of growth as well so we're looking for nurses for looking for doctors were looking for. Quality. You know people who who look at sort of quality assurance -- the going from hospital hospital -- -- of the people are up to code people working towards Medicare all that's fat. Is really necessary going -- it through 22 money. And Kaiser Permanente and being there -- huge employer that based on California. He works ending this year -- a little Yahoo! Search myself -- -- and that they are expanding in certain parts of the country so I think people are aware of that and -- is that they were interested in health care and and and -- really the poster child that I noticed on the list a lot of interest and some of those big box stores that cost goes in the home depots -- -- -- games and I like to call him why is that. Well they're big employers if you're looking for quit a job fast this may -- -- good place to start but also I think around the holidays now especially people are searching these particular. Employers because they hire seasonally higher up many many many employees seasonally and those are the kinds of jobs that. Not only are you know helpful during the holidays -- need some extra cash but also there's some security meaning that in the new year you'll be able to keep that job. Full time a lot of people start out -- seasonal hires in the end up working for the company's. For the long run that is true that is true and I have -- a surprise for me was. Truck driving jobs. You know I can't think that wasn't surging over this in 2000 -- you don't have but this is the thing at truck driving the industry is expanding they need people to work. -- truckers. And in fact by 22 when he expected to rise 20% job growth in the trucking industry. The problem is they're having a hard time attracting. Prospective employees. The job you know hasn't paid that well you're on the road a lot economy -- not not an easy John. And so there is certain there's a lot of openings but they're having a hard time attract dean. Employees and so there is actually an opportunity here than for people do. May want to be a truck driver you have to go through some islands and education classes -- and invest in that meeting that's also. On some people are not so interested in you know putting the money first before you can -- -- certified to drive commercial vehicle -- have to go through training. So there are some barriers and -- but I think that if you're looking for a job quickly this is a hot ticket. That's that's certainly true. And what about part time jobs those that perhaps don't want a full time job I want to supplement -- and -- that was a big -- -- it was because I think what's happening is people who lost their jobs on May not be able to replace that job entirely so they're looking for ways to piece together adding content on your part time work and moms also are going back into the workforce. Looking for our time mark and I should also take -- -- was a big surge. -- -- companies like costs go like Starbucks they do offer benefits to their part time employees and I think. In a part time. Is getting a lot more street cred in these days -- -- and some benefits and flexibility. Moms like it seniors like the people who plan a work in retirement are looking for part time jobs so it's very popular. Well thank you so much for going over that for us today certainly there are jobs out there for those. The job seekers thank you so much -- to -- for joining us from Yahoo! finance she is a host of financially fit.

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{"id":17895471,"title":"Top Job-Search Terms of 2012","duration":"3:00","description":"Farnoosh Torabi reveals the list and patterns.","url":"/Business/video/top-job-search-terms-2012-17895471","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}