World's First Hypoallergenic Cat: Scientific Breakthrough or Hype?


"The Lookout" team spent months tracking down Brodie and discovered him in London. When asked about his business, Brodie still attested to "providing cats that work. We have hundreds of cats that are out there ... and if it doesn't work, we have a 30-day return policy."

He also sent a DNA report from 2006 performed on three cats to back his claims. However, when "The Lookout" team tracked down the scientist who ran the test, the scientist said that the report did not provide sufficient evidence to support Brodie's claims that the cats were hypoallergenic.

The team also got the same response from the scientist who ran the human exposure test found on Allerca's website.

Brodie also provided ABC News with five names of his happy customers, and while "The Lookout" team was only able to reach four of them, each pet owner said they were very satisfied with their Allerca cats.

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