Worst Gifts Ever: Christmas Presents to Forget

Woman Sells Cheating Ex-Boyfriends Gifts on eBay; Readers Sound Off on Worst Holiday Gifts

Whether it's a glittering trucker hat or a bag of manure, a downright awful gift can really dash your holiday cheer, as some ABCNews.com readers told us. But for one British woman, it was the source of the gifts rather than the gifts themselves that soured her Christmas: her cheating ex-boyfriend.

So the woman took her gripes to online auction site eBay, offering several unopened gifts from her ex -- who reportedly cheated on her with a work colleague -- to the highest bidder.

"We will definatly (sic) not be getting back together … so I do not want ... anything that he had chosen for me," the woman, identified by the U.K.'s Daily Mail as Leanne Joseph of West Yorkshire, wrote on the auction site.

VIDEO: Web sites that allow you to exchange gifts with other unhappy gift receivers.

Though she hadn't opened the gifts, Joseph wrote that they likely included jewelry, perfume, designer labels and a "saucy little thong."

The uncertainty surrounding the gifts didn't turn off eBay shoppers, who put in 46 bids for the lot of eight gifts, including the winning bid of 350 British pounds -- nearly $560. (Gifts in the lot included presents from Joseph's ex as well as items from family and friends who also sought to get rid of unwanted gifts, Joseph later disclosed on the auction site.)

Joseph said on the site that the proceeds of the sale would be donated to a hospice cancer charity.

Though cash-strapped consumers were said to be more prudent in their Christmas shopping this year, there is still a variety of unwanted gifts surfacing on the eBay. Sellers are auctioning everything from jewelry to gadgets to clothing that they say were the result of ill-advised Christmas giving.

There's even a Web site dedicated to helping consumers sell off bad gifts: Bad Gift Emporium's site advises that "one man's bad gift is another man's bad gift …: in a good kind of way."

For some gift receivers, little can compensate for the offense taken at an inappropriate gift. Below, ABCNews.com readers share memories of their worst gifts. How bad were they, really? We'll let you be the judge.

Poop Faux Pas: Many years ago I was interested in doing some gardening in the backyard of the home we had recently purchased. On Christmas Day my husband led me to the garage where a 50 lb bag of manure and a new shovel awaited. That was it-his entire thoughtful gift. A few years later, we were divorced. His greatest sin that year-he didn't even bother wrapping it!
--Anne Zentner, Van Nuys, Calif

Right Pudding, Wrong Wife: Valentines Day, decades ago. My ex-husband had his mother make me homemade banana pudding - because I "love banana pudding so much!" WRONG WIFE! I detest banana pudding! His ex-wife loved it. He had the nerve to be offended because I wasn't appreciative of his efforts. Guess that's one of the reasons he's an EX husband!
--Sharon Roberts, Dothan, Ala.

A Very Fishy Gift: Former father-in-law sent us one of those singing fish that are designed for hanging similar to a picture. I thought it was a joke but later learned he thought it was a very classy gift that we should have been thrilled to receive and even more thrilled to proudly hang in our living room. Luckily I have a redneck brother-in-law, who wanted it for his bar.
--Rae Downing, Austin, Texas

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