Top 10 Outrageous Allegations in Dennis Hopper Divorce

Dennis Hopper may have terminal cancer, but his divorce from estranged wife Victoria Duffy-Hopper moves forward and, along with it, more outrageous allegations of theft, abuse and worse.

In Los Angeles superior court today, another hearing is scheduled regarding custody of the Hoppers' 6-year-old daughter Galen, visitation rights and child support. The judge may also hear arguments on why a restraining order against Duffy-Hopper should remain.

Last week, Hopper's attorney filed new declarations from his daughter from a previous marriage, Marin Hopper, and his assistant, Emily Davis. In the documents, obtained by, Davis claims that not only is Duffy-Hopper a "threat to Dennis' life," but that his "own wife was trying to kill him."

Duffy-Hopper, 42, responded to the latest allegations with a short blog titled "Something I Hoped I Would Never Have to Write" on the Huffington Post last Thursday.

"I fear the latest round of sensational allegations, notably a tragically bizarre one made by Dennis' assistant, will not be the last one," she wrote. "It's textbook behavior when someone leaves an abusive relationship for the abuser to attempt to personally destroy the one who left, and I fully expect it to continue."

Duffy-Hopper, who claims that she has been the victim of abuse, wrote that she looks forward to today's hearing, "when these allegations and, importantly, the financial strategy behind them, will begin to be exposed for the world to see."

Hopper, 73, who has been battling advanced prostate cancer and is now terminally ill, according to his lawyer, filed for divorce from Duffy-Hopper on Jan. 14.

In case you somehow missed out on the details of their down-and-dirty divorce, has put together 10 of the most hurtful accusations so far:

1. "We were all at the mercy of her cruelty," Hopper's assistant, Davis, said about Duffy-Hopper in her most recent declaration. "Dennis' own wife was trying to kill him and he never said anything negative about her so all his friends thought they were happily married. She was the one going around telling everyone that would listen, including Dennis' closest friends, that he was abusive and not supporting her financially. Both are false and cruel."

Dennis Hopper Divorce: Top Ten Charges

2. Duffy-Hopper accused Hopper of being verbally abusive, claiming that in 2008 he called her "a human garbage can." In 2009, she alleged, in a declaration obtained by, that Hopper threatened her: "Something bad is going to happen to you and you won't see it coming."

3. In court papers filed in February, Hopper, the star of "Easy Rider" and other films, claimed his wife has kept Galen from him for long periods of time. He said he spent Christmas "in utter distress" after Duffy-Hopper took Galen to Boston, a trip he learned about from her attorney. "This malevolent act ... has caused me to miss what may very well be my last Christmas with my daughter Galen," Hopper said in his filing.

4. Duffy-Hopper, the actor's fifth wife, said in her declaration that Hopper has been "pressured" by his "advisers and adult children from other relationships to file for dissolution of our marriage" despite being "incapable of handling his legal and financial affairs." She said he "does not want to divorce" but "that other people are insisting he take care of them upon his death," specifically mentioning Dennis' daughter Marin Hopper, who is six years older than Duffy-Hopper.

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