The 15 Meanest Reality TV Villains


Americans love reality TV shows, and, even more, the villainous characters who inject the humor, drama and controversy that make reality television worth watching.

Some of the most memorable moments in reality television have been created by the likes of Omarosa, Puck and Simon. They curse, scream, scheme and bring a new level of competition to the reality show. Like them or hate them, they have sent ratings through the roof and made headlines.

Puck, the original villain, grasped back in 1994 that he could get more camera time by playing the bad boy. Since then, he has inspired a host of others, whose antics push the envelope of outrageousness. Today, it's hard to imagine a reality show without one of those characters we love to hate. Here, 15 of the most unforgettable evil reality stars.

Simon Cowell from "American Idol"

FOX's hit reality TV series "American Idol" has been making dreams come true and breeding stars for radio and TV fame. But first they must pass through the insult machine known as Simon Cowell. Cowell never holds back his tongue, not even from his co-judges. Once, he asked a contestant if she had a singing teacher. She replied yes, and he asked her if she had a lawyer. When she said no, he advised her to get one and sue her singing teacher. Another time, after his co-judges told a contestant that she wasn't ready yet, Simon amended that by saying, "Unfortunately, you'll never be ready. Perhaps the only thing more humiliating than Cowell's comments is the fact that, for many, they are spot-on.

Omarosa from "The Apprentice"

One of the original Queens of Controversy, Omarosa Manigault Stallworth or simply Omarosa, as she was known, helped turn Donald Trump's NBC reality TV series "The Apprentice" into a major hit in it's first season. Omarosa seemed to be carrying a mountain on her shoulder. As one co-star said: "It's either her way or it's no way." Things got really personal when Omarosa accused one of her fellow competitors of being racist. One competitor, told Omarosa that being a b--, is a problem that she will have to deal with for the rest of her life. Probably one of the best-known villains of reality television, Omarosa went on to other reality shows, where she no doubt created more enemies.

Puck from "The Real World: San Francisco"

"The Real World" has had numerous attention-grabbers who felt the need to make their mark in the show's history books, but Puck is probably the most famous among them. His poor hygiene raised eyebrows in the house, especially when he picked is nose and then dipped the same finger into the peanut butter jar. When his housemates felt they had enough, they evicted Puck from the house, but he continued to harass them with prank phone calls, many with anti-gay insults directed towards Pedro, his least favorite person in the house. When he later appeared on MTV's "Real World/ Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Sexes," he spit in the face of housemate David Edwards and tensions ran so high that producer Jonathan Murray was brought in to rectify the situation.

Vikki Lizzi from "Celebrity Rehab"

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