The 15 Meanest Reality TV Villains


Tyra Banks may have felt that she discovered an overconfident amateur model in Jade Cole, but this villainous diva told Banks endless times that she was in fact "The undiscovered supermodel." From the very beginning, Jade stirred up conflict, preying on girls she found to be weak, such as fellow contestant Gina Choe, and annoying her housemates by saying things such as, "Just watch out for Jade, because I'm gonna bring the fire baby." While Jade felt that she was perfect enough to be America's next top model, the one thing she lacked, humility, led to her ultimate undoing. Still, her overconfident attitude made her right about one thing she said after being eliminated from the show: "Jade will be hard to forget."

Richard Hatch from "Survivor"

The first winner of the CBS reality TV series "Survivor" also became the show's first villain. Richard Hatch's vicious acts of manipulation and treachery went way beyond making others feel uncomfortable with his nudity on the island. His most memorable rival, Susan Hawk, described Hatch as "the snake who knowingly went after prey." Perhaps, but the snake could not escape the IRS, which sentenced Hatch to 51 months in prison for tax evasion after he failed to report his $1 million dollars in prize money and other earnings from his Survivor win.

Stephen Asprinio from "Top Chef"

Stephen Asprinio may not have been the winner of the first season of Bravo's "Top Chef" in San Francisco, but he most certainly gained the title of "Top Villain." His talent and natural way with food were obvious to everyone around him and he was a first-class sommelier, which set him apart from his other competition right from the start. What made him the villain? He lacked modesty and looked for people he could ridicule, once referring to one of his competitor's dishes as reminiscent of "cooking school 101." He annoyed the others around him because of his amazing abilities, but more so because he was a poor winner -- classic villain behavior.

Amber and Rob Mariano from "Survivor All Stars" and "The Amazing Race"

They were the ultimate reality TV villain couple. Before Amber claimed the $1 million dollar prize on "Survivor All Stars," Rob proposed to her, which had viewers crying foul that the couple had plotted their coalition in order to take out everyone else and split the earnings. When this power couple decided to take the reality TV experience together again, this time on CBS's "The Amazing Race," their previous fame helped them get through certain obstacles on the show, and once again made some in the viewing public feel that the pair was using an unfair advantage to steal another million from more deserving people. Fellow contestant Lynn said about the controversial duo: "They're kind of like an STD. You've got to protect yourself from them." Though they had to settle for second place, the fact that CBS paid for their wedding left many feeling that this power twosome has milked their reality TV experience to the extreme.

Jo O'Meara, Jade Goody and Danielle Lloyd from "Big Brother"

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