Friends of Murdered Model, Jasmine Fiore, Tell Her Story

Audi Pineda, another contestant on "Millionaire," said, "I thought Ryan was a good guy. He seemed cool, down to earth, laid back."

Pineda is a Rhode Island barber who says he owns some properties -- but he's hardly a millionaire.

"No, I'm not," he said, laughing. "I'm not worth over a million. I said I was worth over a million on the show, but that's not -- that's not true."

In a statement to "20/20," the producers of "Megan Wants a Millionaire" said they were not surprised Pineda wasn't a millionaire. Part of the fun, they said, was picking out the fakes. They also said the show was "reviewing all vetting procedures" after being "deeply troubled" that someone with a violent record had slipped through.

That contestant was Ryan Jenkins.

In January 2007, Jenkins was convicted of assaulting his then-girlfriend, Faern Jewell.

He was sentenced to 15 months probation, which included counseling for sex addiction and domestic violence.

Jenkins apparently withheld his violent past from his new wife, friends say. But a month after their wedding, it surfaced.

"He had physically abused [Fiore]," Beauregard said. "I mean, here is someone that you love, you put your trust into, and that man beats you and calls you names? Women are ashamed of that. It happens to women all the time and it's awful."

Friends now say Fiore, like many battered women, at first, kept her abuse a secret. But a friend who was also a former fiance of Fiore's got a look at what was going on.

Travis Heinrich had a chance encounter with the couple at a Vegas hotel pool, he said, and saw the darker side of their relationship.

"All of a sudden, she said something ... and then just the hand came over. Hit her right here, like in the arm," Heinrich said. "Knocked her off balance. Enough to knock her into the pool, fully dressed, everything else like that."

Shortly after that incident, according to court documents, Fiore filed a domestic violence complaint against Ryan and the couple took a break.

In light of Fiore's death at age 28, Lepore plans to set up a foundation in her daughter's memory that would help other women avoid violent-prone men. "I couldn't protect my own daughter from it," she said. "This girl did not fear men."

Jenkins, meanwhile, went to Mexico to shoot a second reality show.

Fiore went back to the Vegas singles scene, where she'd always been a hit.

"Jasmine did like men, and men liked Jasmine," Beauregard said. "And wherever we went, there were men winking at her or wanting to know who she was."

Fiore's modeling and commercial work helped sell everything from bathing suits to phone sex. But, for all her ability to attract men, friends say, something was always missing for Fiore.

"What she was looking for was true love," Beauregard said. "True love."

'Ryan Jenkins Is an Animal'

People in Las Vegas who cared about Fiore were glad to see her away from Jenkins. Some thought he'd misled her with promises.

"He figured out -- he was a salesman," Heinrich said. "He figured out every button she, like, wanted and, basically, capitalized on it."

After she'd walked away, Fiore got an e-mail from Jenkins -- dated July 27, 2009 -- that professed true and lasting love.

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