Best in Film: Hollywood's Most Romantic Onscreen Couples


"She's just so charming and funny and he was so dapper and urbane that it was sort of the opposites attracting. They made a great couple because she needed to loosen him up and he needed to polish her off," said Wheat. "The whole notion that we could meet someone who showers us with riches and with love is just irresistible."

2. Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh in "Gone With the Wind" – 15%

The beautiful Vivien Leigh and roguishly handsome Clark Gable are burned forever in people's memory as lovers Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler from 1939's "Gone with the Wind." Their fiery kiss against a crimson sky as they escape from a burning Atlanta has become iconic.

"They're on fire. Atlanta burns, but that's not the hottest thing in the movie," said Current TV's Infomania host Brett Erlich. "It's the fact that he loves and hates her at the same time and they couldn't have anyone else but each other because they're each so impossible."

The movie also had some outrageously daring movie scenes and lines for its time, such as when Butler literally sweeps the southern belle, Scarlett, off her feet and carries her, as she struggles, upstairs to the bedroom.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet in "Titanic" -- 23%

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet broke box office records as star-crossed lovers, Jack and Rose, in the 1997 epic romance "Titanic." Jack, a poor artist who wins a third-class ticket to America on board the Titanic, meets Rose, a high-society woman who's engaged to be married, and opens her up to a new world.

"He shows her a world outside of the kept woman that she was...and broadens her horizons," said Erlich.

From their steamy kissing scenes on the ship to their tragic goodbye in the freezing water, the couple's love is passionate and enduring.

"Leo loves Kate Winslet so much in 'Titanic' he willingly falls to his death at the end, in the icy waters, giving her the raft," said O'Neil. "These two don't just love each other. They really, really love each other through the ages...They're ghosts at the end and they still love each other even though the ship's gone down."

The two talented actors went on to star separately in many award-winning roles. Ten years later they reunited on-screen in "Revolutionary Road," but played the polar opposite -- an unhappily married suburban couple.

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