First Eddie Cibrian, Now LeAnn Rimes Split from Spouse

It takes two to tango.

So it's no surprise that in the same week Eddie Cibrian's wife announced that she has left him over his reported affair with LeAnn Rimes, the country singer admitted that her own marriage is on the rocks.

During her performance at the Deer Valley Music Festival in Utah on Saturday, Rimes sounded off on the difficulties of relationships.

"It is inevitable that sometimes in a relationship, you will have your heart broken," said the singer, who, according to the tabloids, separated from her husband of seven years, aspiring songwriter Dean Sheremet.

"Sometimes you don't do anything, but sometimes you want revenge. Sometimes you don't, and that's when you just leave it in God's hands and know that he will take care of it," she said before singing, "God Takes Care of Your Kind."

A source told Us Weekly magazine on Saturday that Rimes, 26, and Sheremet, 29, are "leading separate lives... but still in each other's lives as best friends. They are not divorcing yet, but working through things and taking time apart... while they figure things out."

Sheremet also posted on Twitter on Saturday: "Thanks to everyone for all the support through a very difficult time!"

Earlier in the week, Cibrian's wife Brandi Glanville announced that she and her husband had separated.

A month after calling Rimes a "stalker" for continuing to pursue her husband, Glanville told Us Weekly: "Eddie and LeAnn deserve each other."

"Eddie and I have decided to take some time apart," Glanville, 36, the mother of two young boys, said. "I want to do what is best for our children.

According to Us Weekly, the final straw for Glanville came after Cibrian, 36, and Rimes, co-stars of a steamy Lifetime movie, were seen togther again July 17, four months after the magzine first reported that they were having an affair.

Glanville had stayed mum until last month, when she broke her silence and accused Rimes of stalking her husband.

"LeAnn is a stalker," Glanville told Us at the time. "She refuses to leave us alone -- it is shameful and scary. People are going to say it takes two to tango, and I get that but, at some point LeAnn needs to stop asking him to dance."

Glanville claimed that Rimes, who is married to Sheremet, showed up at a Los Angeles Lakers game Cibrian attended May 17, weeks after he'd changed his phone number to end Rimes' "constant texting and calling."

Rimes' motive, according to Glanville? Publicity.

"LeAnn is so desperate for fame she has left her self-respect in the gutter and doesn't care who she hurts to get what she wants," the model and mother of Mason, 6, and Jake, 2, told US. "She's hurting my family and messing with the wrong mom."

Rimes' representative didn't immediately return requests for comment. Her last major public appearance was at the MTV Movie Awards in June, where she performed.

Anatomy of Rimes and Cibrian's Alleged Affair

The country music prodigy's personal life gained attention in March when US reported that she was having an affair with Cibrian, her co-star in the Lifetime movie "Northern Lights," which premiered later that month.

The magazine devoted a cover story to Rimes' reported infidelities, citing security camera images of Rimes and Cibrian kissing during an intimate dinner and photographs of them arriving at and leaving an exclusive Beverly Hills hotel, where they apparently had a four-hour rendezvous.

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