Paris Hilton, Victoria Principal, Rob Lowe, Britney Spears and More: When Celeb Hired Help Strikes Back

Just when it seemed we knew all we needed to about Paris Hilton, her former manager is reportedly getting ready to tell us more.

According to the New York Daily News, Jason Moore is shopping a book called "Controling Chaos" about how he turned the socialite -- whom he refers to as "this blond piece of clay" -- into a star. A pitch letter quoted by the newspaper makes the process sound pretty ugly.

"Jason will demonstrate how, for 10 years, he managed to save his mercurial client from disgrace by manipulating the media, and Paris herself," the Daily News quotes the pitch letter as saying. "Paris was oftentimes her own worst enemy, making a sex tape with a former boyfriend, nursing hangovers during photo shoots, falling asleep everywhere, and getting thrown in jail for numerous driving violations. If Paris Hilton didn't have Jason Moore pulling the strings, cleaning up her messes ... she could well have faded into oblivion."

VIDEO: Victoria Principal and her housekeeper call 911.

Moore and Hilton ended their decade-long working relationship in 2008. While reports claimed they split because Moore's wife was tired of the high-maintenence Hilton monopolizing his time, Moore told Us Weekly magazine, "There were a lot of reasons -- both personal and professional -- for the split, but nothing had anything to do with my marriage."

Moore, his literary agent and Hilton's publicist did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Should the tell-all make it on to store shelves, it would be the latest blow dealt to a star by someone who used to serve them. Below, check out five more battles between celebrities and hired help:

Victoria Principal

In the case of Victoria Principal, the fight got physical. The "Dallas" star and her former housekeeper, Maribel Banegas, filed lawsuits alleging assault by the other during a Dec. 26, 2008, blowout at Principal's home.

According to the lawsuit filed by Banegas in L.A. Superior court in May, Principal pulled a gun on her after she took too long walking the actress' pet Shih Tzu.

The reason for the extended outing? Banegas was waiting for the dog to do its business, she says.

The housekeeper claims Principal fired her on the spot. When Banegas asked for her final check, Principal went upstairs and came back down with a gun, "which she then pointed and aimed" at the maid, according to court papers.

Victoria Principal.

A day after Banegas filed her lawsuit, Principal followed up with her own, admitting she did pull a gun on the housekeeper, but only after she says that Banegas threatened her, screamed "give me money" and injured her dog so badly that it was "writhing in pain" the next day.

As if the court papers weren't enough, tapes of the 911 calls made during the confrontation make the drama sound like the stuff of a daytime soap opera.

"[She] want to kill me," Banegas tells the emergency operator. "I need help. She's pointing a gun. She's going to kill me. She's after me."

In her own call, Principal paints Banegas as the problem.

"I have a housekeeper that I don't really know who's on the premises," Principal tells the operator. "She's locked herself in the guesthouse and she's robbing me. I told her I'm calling the police and I need you here now. She's threatening and she's locked herself in the guesthouse."

Both women are suing for unspecified damages. Representatives for Principal declined to comment on her case; calls to Banegas' lawyer were not returned.

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