Hannah Montana Collides With Nor'Easter

Two powerful forces battled it out on Sunday, in Rochester, N.Y.

Teen music sensation Hannah Montana competed with the mighty Nor'easter for the spotlight — and she won.

Hundreds of fans were dismayed when a ferocious storm hit Rochester, Saturday night, coinciding with the much anticipated arrival of Montana, aka Miley Cyrus.

Rochester was the 39th stop on her 69-date "Best of Both Worlds Tour" that has caused a national frenzy among tweens and their moms.

Tickets for the first 55 shows sold out within minutes of going on sale, and scalpers have been selling tickets for four to five times the face value. The average ticket sells for $214, higher than the average ticket resale price for concerts by Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, and The Police.

In November, a man held onto a 12-foot statue of Montana for six days to win tickets to the Tampa concert, and one fan paid $2,565 for a ticket to her show in Charlotte, N.C.

So, girls lucky enough to have one of these golden tickets weren't taking any chances over the weekend. Hundreds of young girls and their mothers arrived in Rochester a day early to ensure that they wouldn't be snowed out of the concert.

Consequently, the Rochester Hyatt Hotel — which the rumor mill had leaked to be Miley's residence of choice — was packed by the end of the day, after having been booked at only a third of its capacity that morning.

A slumber party was inevitable.

Swarms of pajama-clad girls spent hours in the lobby, blasting Montana's music on their iPods, while awaiting her arrival. When she finally appeared around 2 a.m., after a long trek from Toronto, she was greeted with hysterical screams from her delighted audience.

With that kind of support, the storm didn't stand a chance against Hannah Montana. She performed on schedule — another roaring success for the 14-year-old superstar.