Top 10 Biggest Scandals of the Decade

Just when you were expecting another humdrum holiday season of too much turkey and eggnog, long lines at the airport and the usual family drama, leave it to Tiger Woods to provide a much-needed distraction.

There's nothing like a good-old celebrity scandal to get tongues wagging. And Woods is helping to close out the first decade of the new century with a doozy. With 11 women and counting apparently linked to the married golf superstar, the stories just keep coming:

Woods crashes his car the morning after Thanksgiving in a single-car accident that still has police baffled. Out of the wreck come rumors of Woods' infidelity to wife Elin Nordegren. When cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs releases a bombshell voice-mail message implicating Woods in a nearly three-year affair, the golfer finally issues a Web site apology for his "transgressions."

VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel jokes about Tiger Woods.

As more women emerge, Woods is said to be holed up in his Florida estate, while his wife may have moved out and her mother is rushed to the hospital, possibly from the stress of the erupting scandal.

Although it may seem nothing can top the implosion of Woods' carefully crafted image, there were plenty of other star scandals that rocked the headlines in the past 10 years. A look back at the biggest celebrity scandals of the decade:

Britney Spears

The decade started so good for Britney Spears. She was at the top of her game at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards when she strutted across the stage crooning "I'm a Slave 4 U," a larger-than-life snake slithering above her taut abs.

Even Madonna wanted a piece of her. Their kiss at the 2003 VMAs made headlines around the world and is still one of MTV's most-talked-about moments.

By 2006, it appeared the pop princess was ready to abdicate her throne, her marriage to Kevin Federline and custody of their two boys, Sean Preston and Jayden James. A months-long saga of bad behavior that included multiple flashes of her private parts, countless nights on the town and allegations of drug and alcohol abuse culminated in February 2007 with Spears buzzing off her famous locks at a Tarzana, Calif., hair salon while photographers snapped away outside.

It took nearly two years and her father taking charge of her life before Spears regained her footing. Musically, she ends the decade on an up note, on tour with her latest album "Circus," which went platinum.

Janet Jackson

Usually playing the Super Bowl halftime show is a real honor. For Janet Jackson, it became a horror.

At the 2004 Super Bowl, Jackson, along with Justin Timberlake, sang a medley of her hits "All for You" and "Rhythm Nation." As Timberlake sang the lyric "I'm gonna have you naked by the end of this song" from his hit "Rock Your Body," he tore off part of Jackson's bustier, revealing her right breast, completely adorned with nipple shield.

Recovering From 'Nipplegate'

Millions of viewers glimpsed Jackson's breast for less than a second before CBS cut away to an aerial shot of the stadium. But it was enough to get the network in hot water.

Timberlake apologized twice for the so-called wardrobe malfunction, including once during his acceptance speech at the Grammy Awards. Recently, he told Entertainment Weekly it was one of his biggest regrets of the decade. "I wish I had been there more for Janet," he said.

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