Tiger Woods Mistress List Rises to 11

Tiger woods

A second porn star has joined the ranks of Tiger Woods' alleged lovers, bringing the golfer's score of purported paramours who have come forward or been named in the tabloids to at least 11.

Joslyn James, star of "Porn Star Brides," joins a lingerie model, an unnamed television broadcaster, a pancake waitress with a thing for sex in parking lots, and a host of women who spend lots of time in nightclubs, on the ever-growing list of women rumored to have engaged in affairs with Woods.

The sports blog Deadspin.com named porn star Joslyn James, whose real name is Veronica Siwik-Daniels, as a regular mistress of the world's No.1 golfer.

Citing an interview with a Vegas nightlife insider, Deadspin alleges that Siwik-Daniels, who is identified on a porn talent agency's Web site as a 5 foot 10, 29-year-old actress, carried on a lengthy affair with the golfer during visits to Vegas.

VIDEO: Tiger Woods wife may have moved out

Messages left Siwik-Daniels for comment were not immediately returned. Woods, who hasn't spoken publicly since he crashed his SUV Nov. 27, is reportedly holed up at his Florida home.

Veronica Siwik-Daniels, also known by her professional name Joslyn James.

James has so far remained tightlipped about any relationship with Woods, a contrast from some of his other accused mistresses, a handful of whom have confided information to the media, many of them for pay. But with every new woman named, new problems arise for the married golfer who has not addressed any of the allegations specifically, but has made only a vague apology for "transgressions" posted last week to his Web site.

But for nearly every alleged mistress who will not talk to the media, there is another who is willing to tell all.

After releasing a bombshell voice mail message last week, which led to Woods issuing an apology on his Web site, new text messages between Woods and Jaimee Grubbs, 24, appear to show Woods flirting, making suggestive comments, arranging rendevouzes, and worrying about getting caught.

"I need you," Woods texted Grubbs, a cocktail waitress, on Sept. 27, according to the New York Post.

In one exchange Tiger tells Grubbs he will "quiet and secretly" be her boyfriend.

Grubbs: I don't even have someone I am dating ... no ... u can be my boyfriend ;)

Tiger: then I am

Jaimee: I wish

Tiger: quiet and secretively we will always be together

In one exchange Woods seems to ask Grubbs to send me him naked pictures. "Send me something very naughty," he writes, adding, "go to the bathroom and take it."

In another series of texts, Grubbs writes: " I'm putting my underwear back on ... thats a no no ... come take them off."

The last text Woods sent Grubbs was on Thanskgiving the day before his car accident that set off a media firestorm.

Last week, Grubbs gave US Weekly recorded voicemails and text messages she said were sent by Woods.

She told the magazine she met the golfer in 2007, two months before Nordegren delivered their first child.

Jaimee Grubbs

US Weekly released a voicemail recording provided by Grubbs that she said Woods left on her phone three days before his car accident. On the recording, a man Grubbs said is Woods asks her to remove her name from her outgoing voicemail message because his wife found his phone and might try to contact her.

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