Posh Spice Squeezed Too Tight in London

The Spice Girls worldwide reunion tour landed in London Saturday night, where the all-female group made their first appearance on their home turf in nine years.

But some think Victoria Beckham's dress may have stolen the show.

"It's good to be home," they told the audience where they began a 17-night stint at London's O2 Arena.

The fans and most critics praised the performance, but some observers noted that some of the Spice Girls suffered through a few physical and wardrobe challenges.

After the first show, Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham, said the tour has been a blast, despite rumors of backstage squabbling among the ladies: Baby Spice, aka Emma Bunton; Posh; Scary Spice, aka Melanie Brown; Sporty Spice, aka Melanie Chisholm; and Ginger Spice, aka Geri Halliwell.

"I think we appreciate it so much more this time round," Beckham told The Associated Press. "We were so much younger and you do take a lot for granted where as this time round being older, we've all got children and we're having much more fun this time, I would say. We realize it doesn't last forever. "

The Spice Girls rocked the U.K. for the first time in nine years.

The Spice Girls opened the show with their signature hit "Spice Up Your Life" then ran through their catalog of hits from the late '90s.

Some critics noted that the Spice Girls, especially Beckham, looked a little less than put together.

During Saturday night's show, the 33-year-old Beckham seemed to be spilling out of her too-tight golden corset. As she sang and shimmied along to the group's hits, she exposed lumps of flesh hanging beneath her armpits.

Beckham wasn't the only Spice Girl who looked beat. Baby Spice limped through the show, after falling during a Las Vegas concert Dec. 10. Last week, she was seen hobbling around on crutches, but had said she was determined to make it on stage for the U.K. gigs.

Despite not looking their best, the Spice Girls exuded energy on stage. Greeting the sold-out crowd at the O2 Arena in Southeast London, Bunton shouted, "We are back again!"

Most of the Spice Girls have their families with them for this tour — three of the four singers are now mothers. Posh's famous husband, David Beckham, has been at most performances offering critique and pointing out mistakes, Bunton told the AP.

"He watches out now. [He knows] the show that well," she said.

Victoria Beckham agreed. "He's around every day, he's here and he watches every single show. I said to him tonight because he friend is here, 'why don't you just go out with your friends, go to the pub or something like that' and he said, 'no I don't want to miss a show,'" she said to the AP.