Will MTV's Tila Tequila Choose Boy or Girl?

Nonphysical attributes such as respect, familiarity, willingness to work hard, and shared goals may contribute as much or more to the perception of attractiveness than youth or beauty, said Kevin Kniffin, an evolutionary anthropologist and honorary fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

For his research study, Kniffin showed students some photos from a yearbook. The photos were of people they know and didn't know. The participants consistently rated the people they had positive feelings for as more attractive. And the people they didn't like -- as unattractive.

"Our findings confirm that for some people at least there's more to beauty than meets the eye," said Kniffin.

Tequila's fans do their best to articulate their feelings on her MySpace Page: "I think u r awesome and sexy as hell and I love that u r independent."

Tequila herself writes, "People love me for some reason. I don't know why. … I do but I just say I don't know why just to be modest. I want to be a multi-millionaire by the time I reach 25 years of age. And I will."

Probably so.

She sells Tequila "merch" on her site and also has a budding recording career with songs like "Stripper Friends" and "Paralyze" that fans can download off her site. Currently, MTV has a reality reunion show scheduled for Dec. 23, and Tequila is also due to host New Year's Eve Masquerade 2008.

There's even talk of another season of "A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila."

So, these days, kewpie doll plus MySpace plus bisexuality equals success. Take that, Barbie.

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