What Are Those Golden Globe Folks Thinking?

And in the television categories, things get even more convoluted. They squish ALL the supporting performances for actresses and actors into just one category for each. That means if you're in a television drama or comedy, a made-for-TV movie or miniseries, there's only one category for you as actor or actress. So, Drea de Mateo, who appeared for almost an entire season on "The Sopranos," competes against Charlize Theron, who appeared in the HBO movie "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers." It was a great performance, but how do you pit a season against a one-shot deal? The HFPA does.

There are certainly more examples of these inconsistencies, which may mean nothing to the layperson, but stick in the craw of a seasoned entertainment fiend.

It may just be that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is just one of the many things I don't understand in life, but what else is new?

Fact is, they've been doing things like this for about 62 years, so I'm sure it's not going to change.

And even though I should leave these things alone, the truth is ... neither am I!

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