Michael Jackson Kids' New Family: 15 Reasons to Freak

Family Secret

Aunt Janet's 9-year secret marriage to Rene Elizondo was revealed in on the day he went to court to file for divorce, according to news reports in 2000.

Jackson's Eccentric Tastes

Marlon's Museum

Uncle Marlon announced this year he had an idea to build a slavery museum in Nigeria that would include a theme park with a slave ship replica, along with casinos, shops, a golf course and condominiums. The BBC said world reaction to the idea was cool.

As Grampa Joe alluded at that press conference, Michael Jackson's children have not led a normal life. But they'll have a lot to tell their classmates when they finally stop jetting from Bahrain to Ireland to London and go to school:

Brooke Shields Date

Dad Michael once dated Brooke Shields. His best friend was Elizabeth Taylor, who got $600,000 in jewelry to do a rebuttal video after then now-famous 2003 Martin Bashir interview that cast Jackson in a negative light, says a former producer.

Placenta Preview

When daughter Paris was born, Michael announced, "I snatched her and just went home with all the placenta and everything all over her. I'm not kidding. Got her in a towel and ran. They said it was fine. ... And I got her home and washed it all off." That according to a British TV documentary for which Jackson gave full access.

Last Supper

At Neverland, there's a creepy picture in the bedroom of the Last Supper: Michael Jackson as Jesus, and Abraham Lincoln and Einstein as his disciples. He had personal magicians and friends that bent spoons.

Bedtime Stories

Dad told Martin Bashir that sharing a bed with a young boy is "a beautiful thing." That goes for animals, too. "Bubbles the chimp" slept in a crib in his bedroom, too, and could even do the moonwalk. But Bubbles, now 26, got too aggressive and now lives in a Florida monkey compound.

Baby Dangling

Baby "Blanket" was dangled over the balcony of a Berlin hotel to show him to screaming fans below. You guys know about the towel wrapped around his head and the many bags and scarves you have worn over the years.

It appears only Grace Rwaramba, who worked for the star for 17 years and raised the children, provided some normalcy. She allowed the children to throw off the masks.

In the week since the death of Michael Jackson, critics say "follow the money" to see who will lay permanent claim to the children and the first custody hearing is scheduled for Aug. 4.

In the last year, sibling Janet Jackson, 41, had been the only one with earning power, according to Stacy Brown, who co-wrote "Man in the Mirror" with the late star's publicist Bob Jones.

The rest of the siblings have just been "scraping by" -- mostly by the pop star's design. They said the star hated his family -- with the exception of Katherine and Janet -- and wanted them broke.

Tito Jackson, 55, formed a blues band several years ago and plays at small venues for $500 to $1,500 a gig. Randy Jackson, 46, works as an auto mechanic. Marlon Jackson, 51, stocks groceries at a supermarket and was forced to leave his foreclosed home.

Jackie Jackson, 56, and son started a struggling Internet clothing business. Jermaine Jackson, 54, splits time between his mother's and girlfriend's homes with more than $5 million in liens against him from a 1995 bankruptcy filing.

But, Brian Oxman, a Jackson family attorney, told ABCNews.com of the question of custody, "All of this furor is a tempest in a teapot."

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