Did Michael Jackson Have a Fourth Child?

The kid says he's Michael's son.

British newspapers are alleging that Omer Bhatti, a 25-year-old dancer and aspiring rapper from Oslo, Norway, who once traveled the world with Michael Jackson, lived at the singer's Neverland ranch and was referred to by the Jackson family as "Michael J," is really a fourth child of Jackson's.

According to The Sun, Bhatti is believed to be seeking a DNA test to find out the truth.

Bhatti has features similar to Jackson and shares an uncanny resemblance with his youngest son Prince II, known as Blanket.

One thing is for sure: Bhatti, who was seated on the front row at Jackson's memorial service next to Jackson's children and siblings, occupies a special place in the Jackson family.

In Vienna Wednesday, Jackson's brother Jermaine said Bhatti would be welcomed into the family, if he's proven a Jackson.

"If Omer's his son, he's his son," Jermaine told Britain's the Daily Mail. 'We won't deny it. We are going to give him the same love and care that we give Prince and Paris and Blanket. I can't clearly say if he is Michael's but I saw this kid around him."

Jermaine said Jackson's eldest sister Rebbie seated Bhatti up front next to the family.

"My sister went and got him during the service and got him to sit closer to my mother," Jermaine said.

Since the memorial service, Bhatti has remained in Los Angeles and been seen playing at the Jackson family compound with Michael's three children -- Prince, Paris and Prince II -- according to the Daily Mail.

Omer Bhatti in recent years.

Stacy Brown, a Jackson biographer who once worked as a family spokesman, said he first began hearing about Bhatti in 1992, when he would have been 8.

"He would tell them [the Jackson family] that he was Michael's son," Brown said. "The fact is he is not Michael's son."

And no, his mother's name is not Billie Jean, the title of Jackson's pop hit in which he famously sang, "The kid is not my son."

Bhatti's mother, Pia, worked as Jackson's first nanny, taking care of Prince, according to Brown. His father, Biz, reportedly worked as one of Jackson's drivers.

Following Jackson's death on June 25, Pia told a reporter: "He was the King of Pop. But for us he was so much more."

Since then, the parents, who returned to Oslo, have refused to answer reporters' questions about Bhatti's parentage.

"Michael took him [Bhatti] in and took his parents in, he would travel the world with him," Brown said. "He lived at Neverland for a long time and moved out when Michael left Neverland."

"Maybe Michael loved him like a son, treated him like a son, and maybe he [Bhatti] felt like Michael was really his father," said Stuart Backerman, a former family spokesman. "But I just don't buy that he's his son."

Backerman believes if Bhatti really were Jackson's son, Jackson long ago would have acknowledged it, especially in light of how close he was to his three children.

In 2004, Us Weekly reported that Jackson did, indeed, acknowledge that he was the father. A source told the magazine: "Jackson has told his closest associates Omer's mom's was a Norwegian with whom he had a one-night stand."

An ex-Jackson associate who requested anonymity told ABCNews.com he remembered Bhatti from his days at Neverland.

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