Leslie Mann Shares Her Top 5 Romantic Movies

Photo: Leslie Mann Shares Her Top 5 Romantic Movies: Find Out Which Films Rank Highest for the Funny People Actress

Despite her conventional good looks, Leslie Mann has gravitated toward some very unconventional characters, and her latest role is no exception.

In "Funny People," now in theatres, Mann balances comedy with drama as her character navigates a complicated relationship with an ex-fiance, a stand-up comedian played by Adam Sandler.

Mann's own unusual love story began when she met her writer-director husband, Judd Apatow, on the set of the 1996 film, "The Cable Guy," a dark, somewhat creepy, comedy. At the time, Apatow was a producer.

"I wasn't attracted to nice boys at the time," Mann told ABC News. "I was at the tail end of that stage. And then Judd somehow worked his way into my life, and it just kind of hit me. It was a great day when I finally realized what was right in front of me."

Since then, Mann has starred in several of Apatow's films, gradually taking on larger roles.

But what kinds of romance movies does Mann most like to watch? Her answers may surprise you.

Recently, Mann shared her five favorite romantic flicks with ABCNews.com -- and they aren't your typical love stories.

"Harold and Maude"

When ranking romantic comedies, most people probably wouldn't put this 1971 cult classic on their list. But the unique love story definitely delivers romance in addition to dark, slapstick comedy. "Harold and Maude" follows the relationship between Harold, a 19-year-old who has a fascination with faking his own death, and Maude, a 79-year-old free spirit who dabbles in things such as stealing hearses and modeling nude for ice sculptures.

Harold and Maude
Featuring the music of Cat Stevens, "Harold and Maude" surrounds viewers with 1970s culture. While the film may be shocking to first-time viewers, the story of the two unlikely lovers will ultimately warm your heart and keep you laughing as you contemplate what, exactly, "true love" really means.


In "Tootsie," actor Michael Dorsey could have just given up on his dreams when he couldn't find work. Or, he could change genders. In the fashion of "Mrs. Doubtfire" and "Some Like It Hot," "Tootsie" provides all the hilarious moments that inevitably happen when a Mister becomes a Miss.

Eventually, Dorsey, played by Dustin Hoffman, dons a fluffy red wig and a sequined dress to become Dorothy Michaels, lands work and becomes a soap opera sensation.

If you thought Hoffman got a lot of action as a man, you'll find he's just as appealing as a woman.

Not only is this movie hilarious, it was nominated for several Academy Awards. Jessica Lange, who plays Hoffman's love interest, nabbed the Oscar for best supporting actress. Naturally, she thanked her "leading lady" in her acceptance speech.

"Foul Play"

"Foul Play" may not seem like a romantic film at its outset, but through all of the crazy attempted murders and mysterious characters, the two heroes manage to find their one true love. If a movie with an albino hit man, cheesy martial arts and a perplexed Goldie Hawn don't make you laugh, there probably aren't many things that will.

Foul Play

The plot gets a little crazy and tangled as Hawn and her love interest cop, played by Chevy Chase, uncover a complicated, evil scheme to assassinate a beloved icon who is revealed at the end of the film. Evidently, there's nothing like running from trained killers and knock-down, drag-out fights in the San Francisco Opera House to help someone fall in love.

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