The Szish Dish: Katrina at the SAG Awards

Anne should have taken a lesson from Charlize Theron, who pulled off "glamorous" without looking contrived. Her barely-there makeup, simple hair and clean-lined dress were accented with one gutsy accessory -- oversized vintage Fred Leighton earrings.

Who Did It the Best?/Who Did It the Worst?

White: Hilary Swank (Best); Jaime Pressly (Worst)

Purple: Felicity Huffman (Best); Ludacris (Worst)

Hair Up: Charlize Theron (Best); Catherine Heigl (Worst)

Hair Down: Sandra Bullock (Best); Patricia Arquette (Worst)


Charlize Theron
Felicity Huffman
Hilary Swank
Sandra Oh
Michelle Williams
Winner: Felicity Huffman. Her dress fit her perfectly. No bells and whistles, simple hair and jewelry, absolutely flawless head to toe.


Geena Davis. Origami gone wrong.
Jaime Pressly. Drag queen meets prom queen.
Maggie Grace. Mmmm, there's nothing like crumpled copper.
Candice Bergen. It appeared that she had been partially swallowed by the bottom half of her dress.
Ellen Pompeo. The bust line looked like it was heading south. … No wonder they call it the SAG awards.
Winner (so to speak): Jaime Pressly, who now garners the dubious Terrible Trifecta Award for bombing three times in a row at the People's Choice Awards, the Golden Globes, and now the SAGs. Three strikes and you're out.

MEN (Don't Come) Back in Black: Apparently George Clooney, Samuel L. Jackson, Jamie Foxx (with pinstripe AND sheen??) and Heath Ledger missed the last Szish Dish where I mentioned that black on black should be banned from the red carpet.

Best-Dressed Men

Kiefer Sutherland: I pray for the return of the bow tie with tuxedos, but Kiefer's polka-dotted number was a sin worthy of praise.
Matt Dillon: Oh, that blue tux shirt. … I can't say why, but it worked.
Jake Gyllenhaal: A bow tie! A classic, shawl-collared tuxedo! Nothing wonky or weird! Now this is what young Hollywood should look like.

Red-Carpet Fashion Etiquette Note to Celebrities: Please learn how to pronounce the name of the designer whose creation you are wearing. Gwyneth Paltrow stumbled over Nicholas Ghesquiere on the Globes carpet -- a mistake acceptable for mere mortals, but not for style icons. Know whether the designer is a "he," "she" or "they." Mariska Hargitay seemed to think that Carolina Herrera was a they. Um, Mariska, there's just one, and she's a "she." Or dead. Anne Hathaway said that Nina Ricci was a designer "well on her way." Psst. … Hey Anne, Nina Ricci died in 1970.

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