Oscar Exclusive: Stars Dish With Barbara Walters

Four of Hollywood's hottest megastars spend a revealing hour with Barbara Walters for this year's Oscar edition of "The Barbara Walters Special." Academy Award nominee Ellen Page, superstar Harrison Ford, Emmy Award nominee Vanessa Williams and teen sensation Miley Cyrus sit down with Walters to share their thoughts and perspectives on their successes.

Miley Cyrus: 'Everyone Has That Dream'

Teen sensation Miley Cyrus has had a whirlwind year with a No.1 movie, a top-selling tour and a hit album. The "Hannah Montana" star told Walters about her acting aspirations, being a role model, staying grounded and working with her father, country star Billy Ray Cyrus. "I think the basis of the show is pretty much life. When I'm at home, it's my friends, it's my family."

Leticia Cyrus, Miley's mom and manager, travels with Miley and makes the rules.

"I would say I'm like really, really strict," she told Walters. "But I definitely have a lot of boundaries."

She also said she knew her daughter was going to be a star from the beginning. "I mean, from the time she was two and three years old, she would stand at Billy Ray's dad's house on the stairs and sing 'Tomorrow' at the top of her lungs."

Now 15, Miley lives with her whole family in Los Angeles and gets her own wing of the house.

Hollywood is full of young stars who have struggled with drugs and addiction, but Miley told Walters she doesn't really rebel, that she relies on her family and her faith to keep her focused. "I know that some people don't have a family to fall back on like I have," she said. "I think a lot of these people, you know, do have Christian families and they're just not seeing that they're so much greater than the materialistic things that are there right now like, you know, going out in the parties and whatever.


"The people that are the ones you wanna hold onto are the people that tell you the truth," she added.

Miley said she can't imagine herself in the shoes of her friend Jamie-Lynn Spears, who is pregnant at 16.

"It's definitely hard when it's your friend," she said. "Jamie Lynn is, you know, a friend a mine. But also I know how strong she is as a person. I just think it's pretty cool that she stepped away, 'cause that's what I would have to do."

Miley said she sees herself as a role model and thinks people are so fascinated with Hannah Montana because she represents both the reality and the dream.


"It all starts from the root of it, which is the show," she said. "And that's showing a normal girl that also has this huge dream and she's getting to live it … And everyone has that. I think no matter whether it's for singing or acting or whatever you want to do, everyone has that dream that they want to go for."

Miley told Walters that her father always supported her dream, but also told her that "Hollywood's a heartbreak waitin' to happen."

"He didn't wanna see his little girl, you know, crying and, and upset," she said. "And when there's more times that you get told 'no' than you get told 'yes.' And I think that's made me a lot stronger. But it definitely was hard to see me come home and be so upset. But every time I got knocked down, I would wanna get back up again."


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