Card-ashian? Kim Kardashian Hawks Credit Card for Teens

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Kim Kardashian is many things: beautiful and business-savvy, popular on both Twitter and TV.

But a role model for smart spending? Maybe not.

The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star celebrated the launch of the Kardashian Prepaid MasterCard at New York City's Pacha nightclub Tuesday. Clad in a skintight dress appropriately adorned with sequins the color of coins, Kardashian, 30, and her sisters, Khloe Kardashian, 26, and Kourtney Kardashian, 31, gushed to "Entertainment Tonight" about their love of spending money.

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When asked which one of the trio spends the most, Kourtney said, "No question, it's Kim." Kim, who once admitted to spending $2,500 on a pair of lace-and-python Christian Louboutin booties, nodded her head in agreement.

Kim and her sisters teamed with MasterCard to create a prepaid credit card for teens as young as 16 years old. The card allows parents to put a predetermined amount of money on the card, then track their teens' spending habits via cell phone.

Despite the Kardashian clan's lavish lifestyle, Mobile Resource, the company releasing the card, believes the family can breed budget-friendly spending habits in their fans.

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"It is clear that the Kardashians are very wealthy, Kim also just spent $30,000 on a purse," a representative for Mobile Resource said in a statement to "They can well afford their expenditures. They wanted to take state of the art technology to their fan base, providing them with a vehicle to protect their money and control and track their spending with all instant alerts to their cell phone."

Still, spending money was the message at Tuesday's party. Shortly after arriving at Pacha, Kim tweeted a message to her more than 5 million followers: "Thx 4 coming out 2 support our Kardashian MasterKard! Let's go shopping!"

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But the evening was about swiping for things that many of those who carry the Kardashian card probably wouldn't be allowed to enjoy, such as Pacha's $15 cocktails and tables with front-row views of barley-clad go-go dancers.

Judging by the hundreds of fans who streamed into the club to celebrate with Kim and co., who filmed a scene for the upcoming reality series, "Kim & Kourtney Take New York," during the event, the incongruity of the party and the product it was promoting didn't really matter -- only the presence of the Kardashians, the prevelance of liquor and the pumping house music did.

The Kardashian card isn't the first prepaid credit card targeted at teens. The Visa Buxx card, which also allows parents to put a fixed sum of money on an account, was launched last decade. But the Kardashian card is the first to be endorsed by an uber-famous family.

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