11 Things You Never Knew About Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson Through the YearsPlayDonna Svennevik/ABC
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Recording artist and Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Hudson sang her heart out Friday morning in New York's Central Park for "Good Morning America's" Summer Concert Series. After the show, Jennifer chatted backstage with Lara Spencer, opening up about her newest album "I Remember Me," her performance rituals and more.

Here are 11 points she touched on in the interview:

1. When discussing her upcoming memoir and newest album, Hudson called the whole process as a "journey."

2. Hudson revealed her lucky charm is a heart-shaped energy stone that she holds before performing, and onstage. "I'm the kind of person that vibes off of energies, so to keep my energy to myself and balanced, I carry my heart," she said.

3. She cited becoming a parent to 2-year-old David Daniel Otunga Jr. as the changing point in her life, declaring that being a mom is "The greatest, best thing in the whole wide world. He's just laughter every day."

4. As her fans have watched Jennifer grow from "American Idol" hopeful to musical superstar, she revealed some truths about her younger self. For instance, in high school her nickname was Jenny Kate, "because my middle name is Kate."

5. When asked what her high school superlative would have been, Jennifer had one word: "Weird." Continuing, "People would say 'she's a little different' (…) it was the artist in me, I think."

6. If she had not become a singer, Jennifer quipped, she would have been a tattoo artist. "I always knew I wanted to use my gifts and talents making my living. As well as sing, I also draw."

7. But as a musician, Jennifer admitted, "I wish I was a rock star (…) I would be in Aerosmith."

8. With a huge interest in pop culture, Jennifer revealed that her favorite reality show is "Top Model." Her love of Tyra Banks' hit show influenced her newest album cover: "When you look at it, I'm giving my supermodel look (…) you've gotta smile with your eyes."

9. And her strangest habit? The warm winter coat, featured in her "Where You At?" music video has become the singer's housecoat—regardless of the weather. "I like to walk around the house, no matter if it's hot or cold, in my 'Where You At?' coat."

10. The artist has become a spokeswoman for weight loss. When asked how she feels about her new size, she declared, "I feel empowered. I said ok, I'm going to do this and to actually achieve it, it makes me feel like I can do anything."

11. Inspiring others through her story, music and lifestyle, Jennifer Hudson's ambition and hard work helped the young woman realize her dream as a successful artist. "I always thought I had a famous sounding name—Whitney Houston, Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross and Jennifer Hudson. It fit right in there, and now here I am!"