Wolf Files: Bozo Finally Unmasked

Rubber Chicken à la King: Just because you can't eat them doesn't mean you can't make a living off rubber chickens. Gene Rose, the last American rubber chicken manufacturer, has been a giant in the elastic fowl business for more than 50 years, and he still has no idea why anyone buys his merchandise. More Fear of Clowns: What evil lurks behind a greasepaint smile? Coulrophobia — the fear of clowns — is no laughing matter. And for many, it's way worse than that nagging fear that you'll be buried under a bucket of confetti. Sean "P. Diddy" Combs even had to deny being a coulrophobe, after reports that he demanded a "no-clown clause" in his contracts. More.

A Place for Old Fools: There was a time in Gibsonton, Fla., when folks wouldn't bat an eye when a bearded lady, hermaphrodite, or three-legged man ambled down the street, all at the same time.

Just outside Tampa, the town of Gibsonton is still the home of hundreds of retired clowns, acrobats and carnies. More.

Bozo Unmasked: Larry Harmon is a Bozo. But he certainly isn't the original Bozo — even though he's taken credit for creating the TV clown while building his small show-business empire.

Take a look at Harmon's claims over the years about the history of Bozo, including a promotional brochure, copyrighted by his production company and titled "50 Years of Clowning Around With Bozo." It begins:

"Bozo. You can't even say it without smiling. Bozo the Clown, created by Larry Harmon half a century ago, has gone from children's recording star to international TV star, joining the American vocabulary along the way." [Italics added.] More.

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