Married ... With a TV Show

In 1926, they began 38 years of wedded bliss, until her untimely death in 1964. At first, they didn't acknowledge they were man and wife, to avoid even a whiff of scandal. "We were the only couple on radio who got married because we had to," said Burns, who always acknowledged his beloved as the real talent.

"Gracie's the kind of girl who shortens the cord on the electric iron to save electricity," Allen once said, explaining her character's unique logic. It wasn't acknowledged until years later that their eight-year run on TV only ended because she was developing heart problems.

George resurrected his career, becoming the oldest actor to receive an Oscar, when he won in 1976 for "The Sunshine Boys." He lived to 100, smoking cigars, making jokes, and always in the company of young ladies, but never remarrying.

50 Years: Ozzie and Harriet
When Ozzie Nelson dropped out of law school and began playing clubs around New Jersey with his band, Harriet Hillard signed on as a sassy vocalist. Three years later, in 1935, they married, and TV's archetypical nuclear family was born.

Until surpassed by "The Simpsons" in 2004, "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" was TV's longest-running comedy, with future pop star Ricky Nelson and brother David virtually growing up on the show. The exteriors of the Nelson's TV home were the family's actual residence in Hollywood Hills. Their marriage lasted until Ozzie's death in 1975.

10 Years: Sonny Bono and Cher
In the end, Sonny and Cher were probably happier with their TV careers than their marriage. Their 1975 breakup brought the top-rated "Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour" to an end. After striking out with solo shows, they reunited as divorced co-hosts of the revamped "Sonny & Cher." They even continued to sing "I've Got You, Babe," though court documents suggested otherwise.

From the very beginning, this was an affair destined to spawn made-for-TV movies. He was a mustachioed 28-year-old meat deliveryman who wrote songs. He found that his 16-year-old girlfriend could sing, and they began performing at bowling alleys as Caesar & Cleo, where he played the clueless hipster and she became a master of marital put-downs.

Cher, of course, became a musical icon and Oscar-winning actress. Sonny went on to become mayor of Palm Springs, Calif., and a congressman, despite not voting until he was 53. When Bono died in a skiing accident in 1998, Cher gave her former hubby a touching eulogy, recalling that when they met, the first thing he told her "was that he was a descendant of Napoleon."

"Now you have to realize," Cher recalled, "he was talking to a girl who thought that Mount Rushmore was a natural phenomenon."

Sonny and Cher weren't the only divorcees who returned to TV together. George Hamilton and Alana Stewart co-hosted the short-lived "George & Alana" in 1995, 20 years after they called it quits, with Stewart officially billed as "his beautiful former wife."

10 Years: Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen
This is a situation only Sam Malone would find himself in: In 1996, Ted Danson starred with his newlywed bride, Mary Steenburgen, in "Ink," playing freshly divorced journalists who work in the same office. Just before announcing that she's leaving the paper, she finds that she's been promoted to become her ex-husband's boss.

"My mother in Arkansas doesn't understand it at all," Steenburgen said of "Ink," which was quickly nicknamed "Stink," and didn't last a season.

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