Last Laughs (and Sappy Moments) From Sitcom Finales

"Frasier" (2004) -- Dr. Crane finally leaves Seattle, only to lose another soul mate, as the lovely Charlotte moves to Chicago. His agent assures him that as a reasonably good-looking straight man in San Francisco, he'll be "like a Snickers bar in a fat camp."

But Frasier is filled with melancholy. His brother, Niles, has a baby. His father marries. And as his plane lands, we find that the angst-ridden doctor has followed his heart -- not his career -- to the Windy City.

"Everybody Loves Raymond" (2005) -- As if to lampoon maudlin final episodes on other shows, Ray concludes his TV run by going to the hospital -- not for a dramatic, life-threatening procedure, but rather to have his adenoids taken out. In one moment the doctor informs the Barone family that Ray has not awakened after his surgery, but then comes back a few seconds later to say everything is fine.

Of course, Ray's melodramatic mom hops into bed with him, giving our hero another nightmare that will live on in syndication.

Buck Wolf is entertainment producer at "The Wolf Files" is published Tuesdays.

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