Hungry for Miracles? Try Jesus on a Fish Stick

Amazingly, this is not the first time an eggplant has been exalted. In 1990, Muslims in nothern England also reported finding "Allah" spelled out in the seeds of an eggplant, only this time it was written in Arabic.

"This clearly shows people that our god exists. It is a message to the nonbelievers," Abdullah Patel told Reuters, claiming that 4,500 people had visited his home within just weeks of the incident being reported.

In one more case of this food-of-the-gods phenomena, in 2002, the Jessani family of Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India, returned from the market with a potato shaped like the elephant-headed Hindu god Ganesha. They now welcome 60 to 70 pilgrims a day, eager to see this divine vegetable, according to local press.

What does this all say? Perhaps God is everywhere, and in some cases, he's fattening.

Buck Wolf is entertainment producer at The Wolf Files is published Tuesdays.

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