Rename April Fools' Day for the French

Indeed, April Fools' follies will continue this year, even through these tense times. In Fredonia, N.Y., they'll celebrate with giant scoops of Nacho Cheese- and Succotash-flavored ice cream.

Last year, David Aldrich served 48 gallons of these frozen dairy novelty flavors.

"No matter how outrageous the flavor, people come in to try it, sometimes just to gross themselves out," said Aldrich, whose father started the 20-year tradition.

If you don't like nacho cheese ice cream, just give it to your sister and tell her it's orange sherbet. You'll have to explain the corn chip cone.

If she gets mad, don't worry. Blame France.

To which, she might say, "Stop being so French."

Happy Franco-Fools' Day. Just keep these wise words from Mark Twain in mind: "The First of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year."

Buck Wolf is entertainment producer at The Wolf Files is published Tuesdays. If you want to receive weekly notice when a new column is published, join the e-mail list.

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