Adele Inspires Superintendent's Clever Snow Day Announcement

VIDEO: Adele-Inspired Clever Snow Day
WATCH Adele-Inspired Clever Snow Day Announcement

One school official decided to update the mundane “snow day” message his students typically receive by putting a clever Adele-inspired spin on it.

“Hello, it’s me, the man you want to hear from on snowy days but never see,” Mike Gauch, the spirited superintendent of Harrisburg Community Schools in Illinois, sang in the recording. “Due to conditions, there will be no school at Harrisburg Unit 3. Have a wonderful evening.”

Carla LaCrosse Foster, a parent who received the message, thought it was so funny that she posted a video of the song to her Facebook page where it’s gotten more than 22,000 views since Jan. 10.

“We thought it was just hilarious,” Foster told ABC News. “That someone of such stature would have a sense of humor like that, to do something that funny, it’s great. My kids have gone to Harrisburg schools for years. I went to Harrisburg. We’ve never had this kind of positive stuff through unit school.”

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Gauch said he didn’t write any lyrics down in advance. He just winged it but “now I’ve got to raise the bar for the next one I guess,” he joked.

He said he had no idea his message would go viral.

“I thought I’d get a couple chuckles and then it would go by the wayside, but it literally blew up on social media. The kids keep talking about it,” said Gauch.

The kids certainly aren’t the only ones who were impressed.

“They did the right thing by calling off school because it was bad that day,” said Foster. “And to do it in such a fun way, it was just perfect. For him to pick up the phone and take the time to actually call and change it up a little bit was just funny.”