Alanis Morissette, Now a Mother, Dives Into 'Attachment Parenting' and Breastfeeding Controversy


"I'm in a privileged position, where I can afford the time and to pay for the resources that would support this kind of lifestyle. That's not possible for a lot of families," Morissette said.

Morissette said that she barely left the house for the first six months of Ever's life, and hardly ever let him cry. She told ABC News that the most he had ever cried was six minutes. She said that she spent as much time as she could by Ever's side, even while she was recording her new album, out this summer.

"I basically have built a makeshift studio in our house," she said. "And when Ever needed me, I was in and out the door, was knocking constantly."

She told ABC News that when she goes on tour soon, the whole family's will come along. Chances are next time Alanis Morissette is rocking out on stage, her little boy won't be far away.

Other than in the middle of the show, if he needs me, of course, if it's an emergency, I'm available," she said.

The family's philosophy is to have as much skin-on-skin contact with Ever as possible. And then there's what this world-renowned musician called the musical beds.

"The bed is -- consistent in that Ever is always with one of us," Morissette said. "I'm always available if he needs me, period. I love snuggling and sleeping next to him."

Which raises the obvious question: How does that affect her marriage and sex life?

"When don't we get it on?" Morissette asked, laughing. "To be totally transparent, after a baby is born, hormonally, physiologically, [it's] not necessarily the time the woman is moving toward low-cut dresses and wanting to get pregnant again."

The rock star mother admitted her style of parenting might not be for everyone, but in the end, she wants what all parents want -- for her child to feel safe and protected. Some might wonder what happened to that angry young woman who took the country by storm 17 years ago.

"I'm healing," she laughed. "I'm healing."

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