'Asian Playboy' Teaches Asian Men to Get Over Racial Stereotypes, Build Confidence


Some of the participants are there because they haven't had a date in months or even years. Gene, a filmmaker, said he signed up for the "ABCs of Attraction" because he felt the deck was stacked against him as an Asian man.

"There are some social stereotypes at play that unfortunately a lot of Asian men internalize ... meek, quiet, unattractive, sexually undesirable, that kind of thing," he said.

Hank, who was born in Vietnam but grew up in Germany, has been to Tran's seminar twice and said it has helped him in all aspects of his dating and professional life because he has learned the traits that help you in the sexual marketplace also help you get ahead in the workplace: confidence and charisma.

Another participant, Ronald, said he is taking the seminar to learn how to date outside of his comfort zone.

"I want to break out of my Asian circle," he said. "Asian people are more comfortable together, and I guess that's why we stick together more."

Tran said the goal of the seminars was not to specifically help Asian men date white women, but to embrace women from all cultures as dating options.

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"I've had a lot of students say they don't think non-Asian women like them," he said. "Here we're showing them that yes, if you are confident, these women will be attracted to you regardless of race."

After spending time in the classroom, Tran took his participants out for a night on the town, where they had to put their newly acquired pick-up skills to the test at a local New York City club. Although hesitant at first, each guy approached and successfully talked to a woman.

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