'Bachelor' Star Lauren Bushnell Admits 'I've Felt Angry' Toward Ben Higgins

PHOTO: Bachelor Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell attend the AOL Build Speaker Series to discuss "The Bachelor" at AOL Studios on March 15, 2016 in New York City. PlaySlaven Vlasic/Getty Images
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"Bachelor" stars Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell are happily engaged and planning to start a new life together in Denver.

However, the past few months haven't been the easiest for the couple.

Bushnell admitted that she's had moments of frustration with her new fiancé, including learning that Higgins had also professed his love for JoJo Fletcher during the production, which Bushnell described as "hurtful."

"This whole thing has been an emotional roller coaster," she told reporters Tuesday. "As these episodes are airing, and you're reliving it, you're reliving those emotions."

"There's been times where I've felt angry or sad or confused but I've never been in his shoes before," she continued. "So a lot of discussions...haven't necessarily been fun but they've been really good for our relationship."

Higgins, 27, proposed to Bushnell with a 4.25 carat diamond ring in the season finale of the ABC reality TV show. However, it's likely that she hasn't seen the episode in full; Bushnell said that at a certain point, she chose to only watch the parts of the show that featured her. Still, questions about Higgins' relationships with the other women would sometimes emerge.

"Ben is such a good listener and so good at understanding, that it's helped me get through those times if I am feeling upset or confused," she added.