For Hollywood Couples, Distance Might Make All the Difference

Cheryl Gerson, a licensed clinical social worker in private practice in New York, who has an expertise in relationship issues, said that privacy is critical. "Being in relationship means you always have a consciousness of the other person, and so you may not have the opportunity to be simply yourself," she said. "Even when these couples are spotted walking leisurely in public, they are still 'on stage.'"

People reported that Lively, starring in "The Town," and Badgley, starring in "Easy A," had both attended the Toronto Film Festival in September, where they each promoted their new films, but that scheduling conflicts kept them from each other's premieres. "Unfortunately, her premiere is, like, right now, otherwise, we would be at each other's," Badgley told People.

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To some experts, this type of behavior might even be perceived as co-dependency.

Describing too much time together as being potentially "smothering," Bonnie Jacobson, a clinical psychologist in private practice in New York, who has a specialty in relationship issues, noted that one partner in the relationship might be dependent, which could lead to incessantly checking on the other partner, leading to feelings of being watched and controlled.

"When you work together, it's even more essential to have time alone," said Jacobson.

With the benefit of hindsight, Badgley's comment to Parade is telling.

"Everybody needs attention," Badgley said. "It helps to have someone by your side."

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Now, maybe, not so incessantly as before.
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