'Catfish': What You Didn't See in Theaters


But Nev Schulman insists he was fooled and that when it came to "Megan," he just didn't dig deep enough.

"It was all right there the whole time, but we never looked," he said.

The veracity of "Catfish" has since become a legal issue. Last year, Threshold Media filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against "Catfish's" producers and distributor, Relativity Media, arguing that filmmakers used the song "All Downhill From Here" by singer-songwriter Amy Kuney -- who is signed to Threshold-owned Spin Move Records -- without permission. More recently, another copyright lawsuit -- related to a different song featured in the film -- was reportedly filed in the U.K.

The original copyright dispute tackles the question of the film's legitimacy because in documents defending against the lawsuit, Relativity cites the "fair use" doctrine, which allows the use of copyrighted material without permission for a limited number of purposes, such as news reporting and commentary. The plaintiffs have contended that the film is a work of fiction and fair use doesn't apply.

If the lawsuits head to court, Catfish's filmmakers may have to prove there that their film is wholly a work of fact.

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