Charlie Sheen Stands Up for Angus T. Jones


Matt Belloni, news director of The Hollywood Reporter, doesn't think the same thing will happen with Jones. He noted that no studio would want to fire an actor for expressing his religious beliefs. But, he said it's likely that Lorre and the show's producers will ask Jones if he wants out.

"Nobody wants someone who doesn't want to be there," he said. "He's paid very well, they treat him like a professional, it's not like there's some raging feud happening on the set like there was with Charlie Sheen. I could see them working something out where he leaves gracefully."

Jones has time before he has to show his face on set. A source close to "Two and a Half Men" told that Jones does not appear in the next two episodes being filmed. His character recently joined the Army and hasn't appeared often this season.

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