Chris Harrison On the 'Bachelor' Finale: 'More Juan Pablo Spoke, the Worse He Looked'


Did you expect him to be that antagonistic toward you?

Sadly, I got exactly what I thought I was going to get last night. Some you saw and some you haven't seen [during the show. Things] were a little contentious but I never felt like I was at odds with him. I don't dislike him whatsoever. I wasn't mad at him last night. I was just trying to think, "How can I make this guy articulate his feelings and show his emotions?" ... This guy is not looking good and all he had to do was simply explain that even if he didn't want to say I love you, that's totally fine, but say something. Everybody's invested in this and you came into this with the understanding of what "The Bachelor" is. You can't get away with, "I've never seen the show." He knew exactly what he was getting into. He had trouble embracing being the Bachelor. People take that as an indictment on you and it's not. It doesn't make you a bad person. He had trouble getting into the process.

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Do you think Nikki really loves him?

I think she loves him because only a woman who loves a man would've sat there and endured that last night for him. She wanted to speak her mind. She wanted to say more. She was not comfortable and she sat by his side! Only a woman who loves a man would've done what she did. She was a trouper.

Do you think he really loves her?

Yes. I think he's told her but I don't think he wanted to say it [last night].

Your critics are accusing you of being a bully last night. What do you say to those people?

I can't disagree and I can only respect their opinions. That goes to show how great the show is and this is why I love it: I had people telling me how great I was last night and I handled him and he was a bad guy and then I had people telling me I was the worst person in the world and he's great. As usual, the truth lies somewhere in between. I love that it evokes that kind of emotion and that kind of debate. I totally respect that opinion and maybe I was! I have to go back and watch it to see. Maybe I was hard on him. I don't know. I went into that with the intention of being fair and letting him speak his mind, but after what Nikki said, I thought I was being fair in getting him to reciprocate some emotion.

Some people noted that you walked away from him as the show went to commercial. What was that about?

Honestly, I had a short break and I was so parched, I ran over to get some water. I just walked five feet to get my water bottle and then I ran right back on stage.

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What are the odds that Juan Pablo and Nikki make it down the aisle or even get engaged?

Stranger things have happened, right? That's the beauty of the show and what it's about. Who can predict? The silliest thing you can do is bet against them. Maybe they will last forever and honestly, I hope they do. I wish them nothing but the best. People took last night as I'm angry, but I'm not. I just wish he'd embraced us a little more.

C'mon. Seriously?

I was the guy that would've bet a million dollars that Ali and Roberto would get married and then they broke up. Who knows? It's a crazy world out there!

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