Conrad Murray's Girlfriends Testify: Sade Anding, Nicole Alvarez, Michelle Bella and Bridgette Morgan

VIDEO: Pop star's fingerprints could hold the key in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.

Dr. Conrad Murray's trial for involuntary manslaughter produced colorful testimony today from three of Murray's current and former girlfriends, including Nicole Alvarez, the mother of one of his seven children -- an actress who said she spends her time going to rehearsals and "refining my instrument."

Four women, including one who testified Monday, were among the distractions preoccupying Murray during Michael Jackson's final hours of life, prosecutors allege.

Murray, who is accused of allegedly giving the pop legend a fatal dose of sedatives, admitted to administering 25 mg of the sedative propofol but claims that Jackson took an additional dose without Murray's knowledge.

In the hours preceding Jackson's death, Murray was reportedly communicating with four women: Sade Anding, Nicole Alvarez, Michelle Bella and Bridgette Morgan. Phone records show he made several calls during the critical period during which Jackson should have been closely monitored, prosecutors argue.

Today, Alvarez, Anding and Bella testified about their conversations with Murray during Michael Jackson's last hours.

PHOTO: Sade Anding testifies during Dr. Conrad Murray's trial in the death of pop star Michael Jackson in Los Angeles, Oct. 4, 2011.
ABC News
Sade Anding
Today Houston cocktail waitress Sade Anding, who met Murray in February of 2009, took the stand. Prosecutors asked her about the odd phone call she had with Murray on the day of Jackson's death, during the moment when prosecutors believe Murray discovered Jackson had stopped breathing.

During today's hearing, she reiterated statements made earlier this year in an exclusive interview with "Good Morning America."

Anding told GMA during the call Murray "sounded like something was wrong."

"He was like, 'Well.' And it seemed like he wanted to say something. And I wish I would have just shut up and let him finish. Because he just said, 'Well.' And then he took forever," she said. "He didn't sound like himself to me at all."

Then, she says, Murray became distracted.

At today's hearing she testified, "I said, 'Well let me tell you about my day and I started telling him about my day...that's when I realized he was no longer on the phone … I was just talking and the next thing you know I said, 'Hello? Hello?' and I didn't hear anything. That's when I pressed the phone on my ear and I heard mumbling of voices … I heard coughing and nobody answered."

Anding also told the court today that after she told Murray she had been questioned by police he allegedly told her not to speak to them again without his lawyer.

He said, "I'm going to give you my lawyer's number and make sure before you speak to LAPD you have my lawyer present," she recalled.

During her interview with GMA, Anding said Murray had lied to her, saying he was divorced with two children when he really had seven kids. Prosecutors said he supported several girlfriends, along with his family, on a $150,000 a month salary as Jackson's personal cardiologist.

Murray reportedly lavished Anding with gifts and tips. She went to dinner with him twice after meeting him at the steakhouse where she worked.

"The first thing he said to me was, 'You are too beautiful to be waiting on people -- at a place like this,'" Anding said.

"I thought he was very nice. He was very friendly. He's a good person," she told ABC News.
PHOTO: Nicole Alvarez testifies during Dr. Conrad Murray's trial in the death of pop star Michael Jackson in Los Angeles, Oct. 4, 2011.
ABC News
Nicole Alvarez
Actress and former cocktail waitress Nicole Alvarez, the mother of one of Murray's children, also testifed today, telling the court she spends her time going to rehearsals, "refining my instrument," which she defined as her "being."

She found out Murray was Jackson's doctor in 2008, and eventually met Jackson, saying she was "star struck" during the brief visit to Jackson's home.

"I can remember because Michael was very interested in the baby…he wanted to schedule visits so that he could see my son," she said today.

During Jackson's death she lived with Murray, and received his packages in the mail, but claimed she didn't know the contents.

He said "that he was going to be receiving something, that if there was knock on the door, it was going to be a delivery that I could retrieve it for him," Alvarez said.

In January, during the preliminary hearing, Alvarez made the same claim. Prosecutors believe those packages were shipments of propofol.

Phone records show Murray called Alvarez from the ambulance that transported Jackson to the hospital. Prosecutors asked her about their two-minute conversation.

"I remember him telling me that he was on the way to the hospital in the ambulance with Mr. Jackson and for me not to be alarmed … because he knew I would learn this through the news," she said today.

"This is a different witness entirely than the other women…This is a witness who was receiving the propofol shipments at her house," said Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney David Walgren during the preliminary hearing in January. "This is an uncooperative witness who has refused to cooperate with the police, has refused to open the door for the police, has reached out to Dr. Murray's attorney. Whenever we tried to reach her… And it's not simply a phone call..."

Murray met Alvarez at a Las Vegas club a few years ago. He still stays in her Santa Monica apartment when he is in Los Angeles.

Her biggest acting role was in a 2008 movie called "Days of Wrath," produced by Foxy Films, where she played the role of "Hot Chick."

PHOTO: Michelle Bella testifies during Dr. Conrad Murray's trial in the death of pop star Michael Jackson in Los Angeles, Oct. 4, 2011.
ABC News
Michelle Bella
Although Conrad Murray's ex-girlfriend Michelle Bella is reportedly a stripper, pre-trial rulings dictated that information couldn't be shared with the jury. In court it was said that Bella met Murray at a "social-type club" in Las Vegas where they exchanged phone numbers.

On the day of Jackson's death Murray sent her a text, and she testified today that he left her a voicemail message on June 16, nine days before Jackson's death, telling her he was Jackson's doctor.
PHOTO: Bridgette Morgan takes the stand at the Conrad Murray trial, Oct. 3, 2011.
ABC News
Bridgette Morgan
Bridgette Morgan met Murray in 2003 at a club in Las Vegas, according to court documents.

She testified Monday, just as she had in January, saying she had called Murray on the day of Jackson's death but didn't speak to him, because "he didn't answer his telephone."

Kaitlyn Folmer and Jessica Hopper contributed to this report.
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