'Crazy' Reality of 'Dance Moms': Is Perfection Worth the Price?


Most of the time, Miller's performances, which she designs herself, are winners. But some have dark themes, like girls holding golden guns and lost children. The young dancers are also wearing tons of make-up.

"People like dark," she said. "The dark wins. Why, I don't know."

And that's why, probably, the mothers give in. Of course they are not just dance moms now. They are dance moms who are playing themselves on TV. More than 20 mothers from Miller's studio were considered, and the four chosen were not picked for their meekness. One mother told "Nightline" that when the cameras are around, she finds herself saying things out loud that previously she might have kept to herself.

"We are mothers struggling with a lot of issues that every mother in America struggles with, but we are doing it in a very public fashion," Holly said. "Are we always right? No."

So how real is the reality of "Dance Moms"? Pretty real, the kids say.

"That's actually just how our lives are," Holly said. "It really is. Crazy."

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