Sometimes, Celebrity Diets Are Too Good to Be True

"My prognosis is 95 percent successful," Gibaud told the Daily Mail. "Once I have designed a package suited to your needs, all you have to do is stick to it, and like Kate you'll soon see immediate results."

But the plan is more shady from a nutritionist's perspective.

"A lot of this is marketing," said Lawrence. "All you have to do to lose weight is to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet and keep processed foods to a minimum."

Reese Witherspoon -- The Baby Food Diet

Hollywood is always trying to look younger, but now it seems some of them are even eating younger -- a lot younger.

The Baby Food Diet consists of substituting one or two meals a day with a jar of baby food. The other one to two meals a day can be regular "adult meals."

Lawrence thinks that this is one of the better weight loss ideas out there because baby food is just mashed fruits and vegetables.

"It is the least processed of the processed foods," he said.

"I love looking at baby food containers," Lawrence said. "If the flavor is apple berry, you turn the bottle to the other side and the ingredients are just apple, raspberries and blueberries."

"If you want to eat tons of baby food," Lawrence added, "Go for it. It is much healthier than what most people are eating, and the best part is there is not a need for extreme portion control. If you want to eat tons of baby food you are most likely not going to gain weight."

He said that because infant digestive systems are immature, the baby food is fairly free of additives and fillers.

And the best part, lunch can cost as little as 60 cents.

Kim Cattrall -- The Facelift Diet

Can you erase facial lines and depuff your eyes by eating just fish?

Dr. Nicolas Perricone, creator of the the Perricone Weight Loss Diet, thinks so. And so do Kim Catrall and Julia Roberts, who are two of the many celebrities that have been on the Perricone diet.

Perricone believes a diet high in proteins, which according to him have natural anti-inflammatory properties, can decrease the skin's wrinkling and other signs of aging.

His favorite source of protein is organic, wild salmon. In fact, for the first three days of his 28-day plan, the dieter is supposed to eat a four- to six-ounce filet of salmon at every meal. So those who don't like fish need not apply.

The diet also calls for followers to cut out foods that cause water-retention such as refined sugars and fats.

Lawrence said that on a theoretical level Omega 3 does help with skin.

"Having a healthy intake of Omega 3 does lead to less wrinkling," he said. "What you eat can, of course, affect your skin. For example, carotene-rich foods help prevent sunburn naturally. That said, no study has linked this diet to a significant amount of weight loss."

Gwyneth Paltrow -- The GOOP Diet

In 2008, Paltrow started her own personal lifestyle Web site called GOOP. The Web site includes diet recommendations, exercise ideas and ways to get yourself moving.

GOOP's tag line is "nourish the inner aspect," and it allows readers to sign up for weekly newsletter that focus on one of the subjects: make, go, get, do, be or see.

After the holidays, Paltrow sent out a GOOP newsletter telling readers how she was going to "lose a few pounds of holiday excess."

"You can detox easily and effectively while you continue to eat," Paltrow wrote, "as long as you are cutting out the foods and other substances that interfere with the detoxification process."

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