Heidi Klum Becomes Heidi Samuel, Inciting the Curse of the Name Change

Heidi Klum has officially changed her name to Heidi Samuel, taking Seal's last name, four years and four kids after getting hitched. Obviously, this isn't going to catch on at all; even Seal thinks he's too cool for his last name. And does a Klum by any other name smell as sweet? We just dunno. But I guess Heidi can do whatever she wants—she walked in a Victoria's Secret runway show last week, six weeks after popping out a baby. It takes me longer than that to digest a sandwich.

Sadly, changing your name can often be a career death sentence. Let's explore the curse of the name change, including the always alluring hyphen.Click here for more from TheFrisky.com

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Sarah Michelle Gellar became Sarah Michelle Prinze as of September of this year. In honor of their five-year wedding anniversary, Sarah surprised hubby Freddie Prinze Jr. by showing him her new driver's license. Need I remind you, the last big movie these two did (together or apart) was the "Scooby Doo" sequel?

Pamela Anderson tacked "Lee" onto the back of her name when she married rocker Tommy. She could have done great things, but after getting roped into Tommy Lee's world, she got stuck with Hepatitis C and a sex tape. In 2000, she dropped his name from the end of hers when they got divorced, after he was arrested for alleged spousal abuse. Had she kept the maiden name and ditched the rocker, who knows? Pam could have been the next poet laureate!Click here for more from TheFrisky.com

Rebecca Romijn apparently isn't one to learn from her mistakes, after divorcing John Stamos and dropping his name from Romijn-Stamos, Rebecca married Jerry O'Connell. She said at the time of their engagement that she wanted to take just the "O" this time and go by Rebecca O'Romijn. Apparently, the "O" didn't stick. Which is good, because now Rebecca's doing better than either of her husbands with her own show "Eastwick" and her own last name.

In the wake of her divorce to Sean Penn, Robin Wright has dropped his name from hers and dyed her once-blond hair black. The couple has tried to file divorce papers twice before, but apparently this time it's for real. Now that she's dropped the ol' ball and chain, Robin is starring in "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee." In other words, she's back on track.Click here for more from TheFrisky.com